Hello Argentina! Celebrating World Malbec Day

It was a privilege and and honor to be invited by the Argentinian ambassador to one of the exclusive, invite-only World Malbec Day celebration!

I am not really a wine enthusiast, but I am starting to be one.  If you hear about the story and the nature of wine, you will realize how wonderful this “art” is.  Yes, it is an art indeed.  I have learned a whole lot about wines over one evening.  Thanks to our wine expert Mimi of Santis Delicatessen who guided us throughout this experience.


The event was held at the romantic Top of the Citi in Makati


What is Malbec?

Is it a place in Argentina? Is it a person? Is it a flower? I came to the event asking these questions.  I am so sorry guys, I really don’t know anything about this, but there’s always a first time for everything, right?  


Obviously, I know that this evening was all about wines.  My scientific guess would be – Malbec is a kind of wine.  And I was right!  It is the flagship wine of Argentina.  Proudly Argentinian.



Factors that affect the taste and character of wines

There are a lot of things that affect a bottle of wine.  First and very important factor is the fruit.  It is, by default, made of grapes.  And if it is made of other fruits, the bottle should specify what.  Second, soil and weather play a huge part in growing the main ingredient of wine – the fruits themselves.  After these first two, you would consider the aging process of wine – container, length of fermentation and so on and so forth.



What does Malbec taste like?

I took my notes ladies and gents (because a good wine taster has to have one!).  

Technically, every brand of Malbec is a little bit different from another.  But in general, the common trait of Malbec wines is that it is made from grabes in Argentina.  With that, I mean Argentina’s soil.  Usually, most wines that are sold around the world are from France, but Malbec, is the pride of Argentina.

As I mentioned above, grapes are affected by the soil and weather in which it was grown.  Argentina has a great weather for growing fully riped grapes.  Fully riped grapes give more tanning, more tanning gives more alcohol, more character.


This is actually one of the notable wines I have tasted.

Full of character, enough sweetness. – that’s just me 🙂




The ladies of When In Manila


The great Argentina.  Hoping someday I do fly to this place!


Facts and interesting notes about Argentina and its Malbec


This is one of my favorites – Rosé

It’s thinner, sweeter and sexier!


One wine to another


Finally, we had one wine that we could taste and take notes together.

This wine is entry level Malbec, but it is Oak aged.  Oak aged wines usually give more quality.  

It is priced at around P500, it is entry level – but the quality is not sacrificed 😉


This one is a little bit more pure – it is also oak aged, but it took longer time.  


After tasting a few sips of wine – your blogger became a bad photographer 😉


I just had to give the camera to the waiter to help us with our group shot.



Do you have any wine stories?  Please do share with me your notes!



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