How can Fast Food get any Faster?

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I just love everything that makes our lives more easy and comfortable to live with… don’t we all love technology?  I am not exactly sure if this website has been live for such a long time already but I’m just sharing this to those who don’t know yet.  I bet my officemates have no clue to this yet because we still use our landline for a delivery.



You simply drag and drop your order as you clickity-click your mouse… So effortless!!!  There’s a menu online of course so that you would know what’s available.


Filling up your details is much easier if you’re the one encoding it!  Don’t you just hate spelling your name letter by letter to the call representative?  “So that’s ech-eh-en-en-eh-ech for Hannah mam? eh as in ehpple?” LOL I’m just kidding, McD’s call representatives speak decent english just to make it clear 😛 My point is, when you’re super hungry, you just don’t want to spell your name over and over again ^_^

Order now you lazy and hungry ones! for 24-hour online delivery.

** P165 Minimum order
Payment in cash shall be made upon delivery. Delivery Hours – 24hrs for Metro Manila and Metro Cebu only.
Service currently available in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Davao, Lipa, Pampanga, Laguna (San Pedro and Sta Rosa) and Tarlac.

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