Aquafina Launch in the Philippines

Water is life! Ever since I started a low-carb diet, water has been my best friend. I could go on and on about the many benefits of water in our daily diet, but I’m sure you know this already. One thing you might not know though, is that not all water is the same.

I got invited to the launch of a purified water here in the Philippines. With that said, I thought it was just going to be a casual event. But good thing, I felt like dressing up that night because it was the most posh water event I’ve ever been to! How posh you say? Ms. Pia Wurtzbach was their featured guest along with other featured personalities that embodied being the best at something.

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The event launched Aquafina, a bottled water brand known all over the world! It has made its way to the Philippines with Pia as the face of their brand. Aquafina is known for its purity and has won consumers around the globe, since it was introduced in the U.S. in 1994. Aquafina expands in the local market, so Filipinos can experience the world’s best-selling bottled water.

Acquafina water is purified using the best technology available to purify water, this process includes reverse osmosis, ozonation and carbon filtration to remove things like chlorides, salts and other substances that can affect the taste of water. With this, you’ll get pure water consistently crisp taste in every bottle, no matter the market, across the globe.

Aquafina hopes to give every individual the inspiration they need to become their best self. No matter how big or small they may seem to be, these successes deserve to be celebrated. This is why Aquafina chose none other than Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach to represent the brand’s philosophy. With an inspiring backstory to her now-stellar career, Pia undeniably emobides what it means to persevere, stand out, and eventually become the best.

Acquafina will soon be available in all leading supermarkets and grocery stores at Php 10.00 for 350mL, Php 15.00 for 500mL and Php 24.00 for 1L.

Check out their Facebook page to know more.

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