I Commit to Change: Time To Buy New Dance Shoes

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you that I have been planning to “Dance” again a year ago.  Every time I think of my broken dream as a dancer, I often say to myself “Maybe I should Dance Again.”  And, it ends there… I didn’t really commit to finding dance class or doing something about it.

One person asked me when I was confused on what to do with my life and career…

“What do you want to do in life, regardless of money, time and other factors.  What makes you happy?”

I immediately said, “I want to Dance again.”

Memories of A Dancing Era

I have been dancing since grade school.  I remember the first time the teacher acknowledge that they liked how I dance when I was in Grade 2.  Since at that age I was taller than my classmates, they put me at the back-ish of the dancers.  (Don’t ask me why I was taller then but I’m an inch short to 5”).  The teacher noticed me and put me on the first row despite the fact that I was tall… I didn’t know why she did that but I must have done something right 🙂

I wanted to take ballet lessons since then.  I was so jealous of my classmates changing to their ballet clothes after the class for their ballet lessons.  Our family couldn’t afford dance lessons however.  So I just moved on…

I thought I stopped dancing there… It was in grade 6 that this dancing thing took over my life.

I have a poor memory, but the only thing I can remember is that I found myself in an audition room.  Our school competes every year with other schools for the Negros Occidental Private Schools Sports Cultural Educational Association (NOPSSCEA) literary division.  There were 5 girls and 5 guys left… They only need to pick 4 pairs…  They asked me to dance the piece…  My memory was blurry but all I remember is that I got the spot! 🙂

Ever since, I danced on every opportunity there is… If some programs needed intermission numbers, we danced hiphop.  We even danced in some seminars outside of school and it was totally fun because we were excused from our classes just to dance 🙂

Ah… remembering all that is bliss…


In high school, I continued dancing and competed for NOPSSCEA again.

It was also in high school that I discovered cheerleading.  I was obsessed with it!  Especially when at that time, the movie “Bring it on 1” was very very popular.  I watched it like 20 times I think and I memorized the lines already lol


I danced a lot during high school that pretty much my face was on every dancing gig ever.  On my last day in high school, I received letters and gifts from… well… I guess I can say “Fans”… they were students from the lower batches and.  I couldn’t believe I also served as an inspiration to them… It really melted my heart ^_^


In college, I continued cheerleading…

image I was part of a cheering squad 🙂


Okay, nobody knows except my college friends that I joined a Beauty Pageant lol.

There was a “Talent Portion” of course…

This was the first time I danced solo…

I must admit, I gave my all on that dance… it was a mixture of ballet and hiphop.

After I danced, the crowd applauded like crazy…

I was in tears…  I was so HAPPY!

Why I’m sad 🙁

Notice the pictures… they were just scans.

In my days, digital cameras are way expensive and I couldn’t afford it.

My SOLID POINT:  I wasn’t able to capture my dancing era

ERGO:  It’s as if it never happened!

What evidence would I show to my grandchildren?!?

My solo dance… nobody captured it in video or even in stills.

I also stopped dancing after second year of college.  My boyfriend at that time (now my ex obviously) wanted me to quit cheerleading and dancing… He doesn’t want other guys to get close to me… You know in cheerleading where guys throw girls everywhere? yeah… He was that jealous of a boyfriend who even didn’t let me hang out with my girl friends… (haiz how I regret those days)

I gave up my crown as a dancer when I was in my second year of college…  I had a lot of dancing engagements supposedly and I was supposedly a “lead” dancer in many competitions… But I was stupid and I gave up dancing… Now I let my best friend in college take over all of my dancing roles.

Comes graduation…

Who got the Special Literary Award for Dancing?

Not me of course 🙁

I cried when I realized what I gave up for some stupid love life… College was done, I can not rewind…

Time for a Change

I must admit I got a little emotional writing this… Dancing is my passion and remembering my stupidity of letting love and immaturity take over me made me really hate myself…

It’s time to renew myself…

I need to move on from my horrid college memories and replace them with good ones.

Right now, my current boyfriend is very supportive of me dancing again :)  I’m thinking – any dance class will do!  I love any dance!

Most important thing… I am a performer.  I love being on stage and perform.

I think, now is the time to make it happen again…

I Commit To Change

I shall Dance again!

I will find a dance class.  Any, ballroom, hiphop, jazz, even pole dancing…

I am committed to UNBREAK my broken dream…

Time to buy new dancing shoes 🙂

Committing to Change Can Make You a Winner

Do you also plan to change something in your life?

Perhaps becoming a more independent woman?

Changing boyfriends? (LOL) I’m just kidding…

Want to go to school again?

Fulfilling your dreams?

Doing what you are passionate about?

Moving on with your career?

I know there must be something… Why don’t you join all other women committed to changing for the better.  Not only will you be on your way to a new you, you would also get a chance to win Gift Certificates and other prizes if you post your commitment to change on I Commit To Change Facebook page.

You know what to do… Are you ready for change within yourself?


to a better us,


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  1. Hannah,

    I totally feel you on this! Ako rin. I miss the stage I was into theatre when I was in grade school (my family never watched kasi laging bz), I took ballet classes (but no evidence either kasi they didn’t watch). 4th year HS, I auditioned for the cheerleading squad and got in! Tapos nag Jazz lessons pa ako. hay..

    Where are you taking classes? Plano ko magbelly, latin fitness, and maybe pole. hehe. Sana may samba malapit dito.

  2. I want to learn ballroom (rhumba, salsa, etc) and pole dancing coz those two dances are not my forte! So, challenge lang on my part…

    With pole dancing I think it can give me more confidence and grace on how I move…

    I am starting to research pa where I could take dance class… will blog another post if I found one lol.. or BBM you if I find one, you might want to join me

  3. awwww, that’s so inspiring. you go girl!!! 🙂
    I used to dance a lot too when I was still in elementary 😛 feeling ko ang galing-galing ko at ako dapat lagi leader kapag dance ang PE namin! HAHA!! Sa lahat ng school programs, nandun kami 😛 When I graduated from elementary, that was the end of my dancing.
    Ako rin, gusto magballet school dati kaso mahal eh. Pero ngaun yung baby ko, gusto ko ipasok sa ballet school. 🙂 Sayang eh, muka kasing may potential, ginagaya nya lahat ng ballet scenes ng barbie movies sa bahay namin. 🙂 Kung hindi ako, sya nalang kung gusto din nya sumayaw 🙂

  4. Go for it Hannah! Dance like nobody cares. It’s people with passion like you that makes this world a beautiful place. For ages now I’ve been looking for ballroom dance classes here but it’s so hard to convince Uncle Pat to go with me still hoping though. Good Luck!!!

  5. You and I are so much alike! 🙂 What school are you from by the way Hannah? Would you like to take free dance classes with me, soon? 🙂 Also I sometimes need dancers for rackets here and there, join us! i bet you’re a great dancer 🙂

  6. Wow, I felt like I was listening to a motivational speech and I can almost feel the energy vibrating everywhere…the determination to reach a goal.

    I’m sure pretty sure soon I’ll be seeing videos and photos of Hannah in her dancing element in this blog, and who knows, on tv. 🙂

    As to the pictures of your high school years, now that you’ve scanned them, they’re now digital. But of course, there’s no substitute for videos.

  7. I always say to myself ‘Make No Regrets’! So dare to take the challenge and realize ur dreams…..it’s never too late as long as u still have the passion and fire in ur heart! GO girl~ 🙂

  8. yeah… but I only had little photos lol… Now, everything is digital and I’m planning to redo those memories slowly… woot… haha did it really sound like a motivational speech? I hope I can also inspire people to re-visit their dreams… It’s never too late to think about going for them again 😀

  9. haha true… I have never set foot on a gym before but I was buffed and curved and toned well because of dancing… Now, I’m getting out of shape… so it’s really like hitting two birds with one stone 😀

  10. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was curious what all is needed to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet smart so I’m not 100% sure. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Appreciate it

  11. @Yoko.. it doesn’t cost anything much at all.. in fact.. I started building my blog at blogger.com for free… no payment at all.. yet I earned from ads. 🙂

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