I miss being the Candy in the Sun

I was browsing through my surfing pictures… and I just want to share how I miss surfing when I was viewing them… I seriously can’t wait for another surf trip! Who’s with me?



getting ready to Surf. I believe this was my first time.



I have tried surfing the big waves.  Big swells usually happen after a storm or during surf season (Oct – Feb)


It’s surf season… the boards are out! Time to display “Gone-surfing” sign on my Desktop

Bruises-all-over Ouch

Battle Scars… nail polish chipped… 😛


I finally learned to surf on my own 😀


I started learning with long boards

Then I tried to ride a short board…



Then I bought my own board 😀 yaye!

by telthewanderer.blogspot.com

This is me and my board… I have yet to name it… but yes, it’s not really a shortboard, it’s a “fun board” actually.  I just got it since it’s small enough for me and I can carry it around without breaking my shoulder :P  You can paddle it like a longboard.. it’s nice 😀

BTW, It’s a Bonga Schaper 6’10” I bought it at Roxy for PHP 15,000

by telthewanderer.blogspot.com

ahhh yes… alone in the ocean… this time, without a surf guide… 😛 I htink I’m trying to do either a cross-step here or practicing my “wipe-outs” lol



by telthewanderer.blogspot.com

I <3 my Board … and I miss it… it needs to be used soon!!!

Can someone actually try to sponsor me and my surftrips? 😛 because it could get really expensive if you do it on a weekly basis.


When in La Union, and I’m not surfing… I sun bathe… eat ice cream… get enough energy to surf again! Chilin’ at the beach… what more can you ask for?


at night… I pray to the seas…

LOL I’m kidding… while everybody else is drinking… I isolate myself and sit at the beach… and think about nothing… and just chill and listen to music… ahhhh… life is good 😀


This is Jeffy surfer and me.  Jeff is my surf guide! I learned because of him… so, If by any chance you’d want to try surfing in La Union.  Please go to Surf Camp and look for Jeff to train you… other guides are good as well, all of them, but Jeff is the man who taught me how :D 



I long to see this sign again…

I definitely must plan a surf trip soon… who’s coming with me?


Please comment below if you think I should organize a surf trip for bloggers, and if anyone wants to help me… I’m planning it on December hopefully… so buzz me up y’alls

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  1. Hi Hannah, I have your blog on my Google reader. 😀

    Your pictures made me envious as hell and made me add another item on my list of things to do in 2010. I have a really stupid question, though. Do I need to know how to swim to surf? Or is the water just shallow?

  2. Oddly enough, my mum’s hometown is in La Union and I’ve frequented the place often enough to speak the dialect fluently but I’ve never surfed there.

  3. Hi, I’m from La Union, when will you be coming back to surf? I visit the camp every weekend… perhaps we can surf together… what do you think? 😀

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