I miss ChuChu and he is back on the new Pokemon Platinum!




I used to play Pokemon Yellow, Red, Gold, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire and finaly Pearl and Diamond!  There’s something new to this world of pokemon and it is out in stores now!!!  the Pokemon Platinum for Nintendo DS!


Chuchu btw, is always the nick name I give to my starting pokemon which is always the water Pokemon.  In this case I have Pipulp.  They have the same starting pokemon as the Diamond and Pearl. 



What’s new with the Pokemon Platinum:

1.  The star pokemon here is now Gratina

2.  Plus a new world in Sinnoh — Distortion world.  The name speaks of itself:

3. Vs. Recorder where it records a video of the battles you have had (just like the ones in my brute XD)

4. 60 more pokemon

5.  Massive use of Wi-Fi everywhere!  There’s Wi-Fi Plaza where you can connect with your friends!

6.  Box data – where you can share an image of your pokemon to other trainers.

7. Tap toys – not sure about this but I think this can be seen in the Wi-Fi area

8. Plaza games – there are just many games now including Swalot pop, Mime Jr top and Wobbuffet pop!

9.  Closing time at the Wi-Fi area – when it’s about to close at night, you will experience great fun! Just wait and see!

10. Enhanced Global Terminal – battling with other champs gets even more better and challenging

11.  Enhanced Global Trade Station

12. Wii messages – I’m also not sure about how this works… I mean Wii and NDs communicating?  It just sounds interesting XD

13. The battle Frontier – I guess this is the championship league before.


Anyway, soon there will be scattered Pokemon Platinum cheats to download it will just be anywhere… I think I might buy myself an NDS soon! I used to play pokemon on a downloaded NDS emulator before.  I also played the 1st versions with team rocket in gameboy coz my sister has one.  And I used to borrow my friend’s NDS to play pearl and diamond.  But I guess it’s time to buy my own!

It is nice playing without cheating but really, it’s damn hard as well you know… I bet it would take me 2 months to play this at least.. or make it three maybe coz there gots lots of new features that would just get me quite addicted!


Useful Links:

[ad#hlink] 1.  Pokemon Platinum official website.
2. Pokemon Platinum cheats.
3. Pokemon Platinum guide.
4. The Pokemon Platinum rom download surprise. ROTFL! you’ve got to see this link. Here’s a clue: RICK ROLL! okay, I shaddup nao! XD
5. Pokemon Platinum walkthrough.

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  1. First of all I want to congratulate you for being Nuffnang’s featured blogger. Sikat k n naman, idol tlga! I have read that fanatic k ng pokemon games, me too! I still remeber the times that I first played the game using the Ninetendo’s Oldest Gameboy, looks like a dot matrix type. I played yellow, blue, red, gold, silver and i’m not yet finished with the crystal version. I also have Gameboy emulators on my cellphone, i can play pokemon with it. Try finding one and install it to ur cellphone! Congrats again. Please visit my blog po! I have this latest post http://www.semidoppel.com/elasto-seal-girl-ayy/

  2. I also had one emulator on my P900 dati! I played pokemon rin from there… I wll try looking for an emulator for my e63… let me know if you found one!

    Thank you as well @semidoppel for the wellwishes see yah!

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