Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience

I have been in Singapore twice but I still keep on coming back!  There are just dozens to love about Singapore.  I am very passionate about Singapore and in fact, for the month of September and October, Singapore has been one of  the trending topics in my own blog!

Singapore 2008

Ferrari Formula 1 Merchandise

The main reason why I came to Singapore for the first time is because of the Formula 1 Grand prix.  I have been a fan of the most luxurious sport in the world ever since and I was so thrilled when I knew that I could finally have a chance to watch it in Singapore!  It was a thrilling experience as I get to witness history – the FIRST ever Night Race in the books of Formula 1 and I was there!  The only regret I had on the 2008 grand prix was I didn’t take any decent pictures of the cars ( I did not have SLR that time.  Then came 2009.

Singapore 2009

flaircandy.comWho had the access to the pitstop? La.. La.. La.. No other than the Flair Candy^_^ I was so happy to be there to capture this even if I was a bit hot with fever!


I was not supposed to watch again but this local airline company offered really good seat sale and I bought the tickets to Singapore for a very cheap price.  I booked a hostel as early as March and bought my F1 tickets again around April.  That was how excited I am to be in Singapore again!  This time, I took awesome pictures!


DSC_0372 DSC_0379 DSC_1138 DSC_1150 DSC_1194

DSC_0004 DSC_0800

The Brawn and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen

Why I want to go back.

One main reason why I would like to go back is because I want to meet the other bloggers that have been my friends for a while in the blogosphere.  They wouldn’t call me the Blog Ambassadress for nothing 😉 I got sick last September when I was there and I really could not strain myself from walking much so I rested for some days at our hostel and just walked around the Bugis area to buy pasalubong.

I love the food in Singapore and I crave for Satay, Chili Crab, Chicken Rice and Te Ice (Nai Cha / Milk Tea)!

I would love to witness the Nuffnang blog awards! I would love to meet the very famous bloggers of Singapore and Malaysia whom I have been such a fan of!  I want to meet Dawn Yang, Xia Xue, Nicole Kiss and Kenny Sia.  Of course, I would definitely want to meet the two awesome founders of Nuffnang, Tim and Ming!  It should be amazing!  Of course, I would also want to be there to support the finalists from the Philippines.  They are really great blogs and I hope they will win!  It should be fun!

My 1-day itinerary



I plan to walk around China Town and Take pictures of the temples, PAGODA and shop around for pasalubong.  This is one place I haven’t been to so I really would love to walk around and take pictures and capture the rich culture with my vision and camera.


picture by

I would meet my Singaporean blogger friend and my Pinoy blogger friend that lives in Singapore as well.  I might convince them to go reverse bungee jumping!!!


Singapore dusk
I want to cruise around the river.  It would be nice to do this if you have a date… but I guess being alone wouldn’t be bad…  And dine along the river perhaps…


I want to experience the night life in Singapore!  I haven’t ever experienced going out to TGST TGST TGST outside my country so this is definitely a top priority for me!  I will want to go to famous ZOUK or Superclub or the Clinic bar.

I think I deserve a break from work again and socialize because that is my therapy! I, therefore, must indulge! …

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience!

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