Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011

I have been receiving comments from people asking me about the new Belle De Jour Planner 2011.  Friends want to know what’s inside the new Belle De Jour Power Planner 2011.

I’m telling you straight-on… They keep on making better and better planners!  and HELL YEAH!!! Belle de Jour Planner still rocks!  I love the new and better paper they use, the new design and the new stuff they added to guide all of us busy ladies.  I also noticed that they got more coupons and nice deals too Smile I have used their planner for years and it has helped me getting things aligned.  It even motivates me to keep going and finish what I have started.  Gaah! That’s always my weakness… I start something, and I never finish it.  With the design of the planner (both aesthetically and the layout) it will sure keep you in track of all your doings.

It’s also always enjoyable writing on it and I can’t wait for 2011 to arrive because I want to write on it already!!!

If you want your own Belle De Jour Planner now, you can order online through BDJ website and get 5% off early bird promo ‘till November 30, 2010!

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 01Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 02

I had mine with the Double Wire Binding, but you can also choose get the Book-style binding Smile

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 12

This is where you keep track of your daily things.

It has the usual reminders of Holidays and events.  It has time lightly put on the side for those who need to block of certain times for certain meetings and tasks.  And if you’re more of a free-writer, that’s why they kept the font light Smile

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 17

They have a coupon holder and a separate additional handy notebook for more essential stuff.

Here’s what it looks like inside:

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 19

It has a project planner – really helpful to keep track of your progress!

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 20

You have space for notes too!  Bring this if you have a meeting with some important people.  This will impress them more that you jot down notes about the meeting Smile

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 23Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 24

and what I love – emergency business cards that you can give away!

It always happens to me – forgetting my cards on very important events!


Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 04

The Buy-One-Take-One deals are back!

I love these new additions – the Cash Flow Tracker and the Bills Tracker!  It’s for all you independent women out there Smile

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 15

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 14

Of course, they have more stuff in the planner that would keep you organized.

Here are more photos of what’s inside.  Feel Free to browse Smile

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 16Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 18Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 21Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 22Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 03Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 05Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 06Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 07Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 08Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 09Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 10Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 11Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 13


Thanks Telly for asking about the other Belle de Jour planner.  That reminded me I forgot to post about the other more personalized Planners fit for you.  I ordered the Navi planner last year and it’s like a travel planner/diary.  It layout of the pages looked like the previous Starbucks planner way back in 2005 and 2006.  I am still using it now

Preview of the Navi Planner 2010 (Navi for Navigator).  I haven’t seen the 2011 Navi but I think it would look bit the same 🙂

There you go, a sneak peek of what I write in my journal 😛

more photos:

There have other planners they offer:

BDJ 2011 Power Planner (Book-Style Binding)

BDJ 2011 Power Planner (Double-Wire Binding)

Campus BDJ

Navi 2011 Power Planner

BDJ Favorites (Birthday List + Gift-giving guide + Address Book)

BDJ Basics (Project Planner + Monthly Calendar + Notes)

BDJ Chronicles (Forget-me-not Pages + Notes Pages)


Dr. Mom (Health Journal For your Child) – although I want to buy this to track my health lol

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  1. Pingback: Susan Jones
  2. wow, it definitely looks better than the 2010 version! i hope they have better promo coupons as well because last year’s was a disappointment compared to the 2009 coupons.

  3. Pingback:
  4. My sister is going to love this! Plus she needs to get organized, we keep trying to have dinner at Krazy Garlik, but never manage to schedule it properly. Belle du Jour might just make that dream dinner come true!

  5. I think it’s the first time that they released the book bound if I’m not mistaken… I am curious as well… but I haven’t seen the book bound one. I think the advantage of the book bound is that it is less bulky… I had the Navi planner and if they bound it the same way then I was very happy wit it… Check the photos nalang again clearly.. you can still write well on the book bound one..

  6. Hi Ms. Hannah! Just want to thank you for this very helpful post! 🙂
    And I’d like to ask as well, are the daily pages lined? The print is kinda light so it’s hard to see.
    Thanks again! :))

  7. yeah… camera malfunction… i must buy new lens for my dslr 🙁 anyhoo.. the daily pages are not lined 🙂 I like it that way kse mukhang magulo if there is

  8. Pingback: Chin
  9. Yey you finally blogged about it! 😀 Nice nga siya. Mas marami bang buy one, take one na coupons? Hindi ko nagamit mga 2010 coupons except sa Coffee Bean LOL medyo expensive pa rin kasi 0_o

    Aliw ako sa Navi Planner mo. January 1 nga yung date natin nina Winston 😛

    Gusto ko tuloy bumalik sa Recipes 0_o let’s go back? 😛

  10. I’m the only one from my friends who prefers Navi more than BDJ. 🙂 Honestly speaking I’ve seen both 2011 versions of BDJ and Navi, and BDJ improved a lot! BDJ now has 2 version and has a compact one just like Navi.

  11. I use BDJ Planners since 2008. And youre right! They keep on getting better and better! 😀 I cant wait for 2011 that I already personalized my planner with my pictures with boyfriend, family and friends already. 🙂

  12. HI there!! where can i buy one.. is it available in major bookstores? it’s my first time to have a planner and i chose BDJ to be my first., pls help..

  13. I’m outside the Philippines, how do I pay for my BDJ planner if I order online? I tried to fill out the order form it seems there’s no space for credit card details..would you know? Thanks!

  14. where can i buy this planner? How can i have one? Are there other ways of buying the planner aside from ordering online?

  15. ordering online is the easiest way because they also deliver it. If not, you can buy at powerbooks, although they run out of stock quite often – mabilis maubos 😛

  16. Hi… i misplaced my planner and i need to have a general check up soon. can anyone please help me? i need the checklist that’s in the planner… please please… thanks so much…

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