Jewelmer Launch – Finest Golden Pearls in the Orient

It was a quiet Thursday and we cruised through the SLEX to Marquee Mall in Pampanga.  I was with four other perky bloggers that made the trip super fun!  I always loved hanging out with Shen.  Her presence just brings all the negative vibes out replaced by a vibrant, energetic force field.  Michelle, a.k.a. Mrs. Martinez was also there.  It wasn’t the first time we’ve actually met but this is the first time we got to talk long… Jen was there as well and I am always happy every time I see her in an event.

Anyway, with jewelries, I have a stand…

I always lose my mom’s expensive jewelries when I was a kid.  I would borrow a ring from her and next thing I know, I accidentally dropped it on the toilet and flushed it…

Long story short, I didn’t like jewelry much… the only ones I wear though are pearls!

High school and College… all my life I just wore pearls.  It’s simple enough yet elegant to look at.  I wore white pearls before.  This would complete my simple look.  Even though I don’t wear makeup, the pearls really bring out a glow in me and make me pretty and chic!

I am not really aware of the different kinds of pearls.  I don’t even know how to distinguish fake ones from the true pearls.  If you don’t know yet, pearls come from Oysters… yes, the ones you eat ^_^ nomnomnom…

Jewelmer has a Pearl Farm in a nice setting somewhere in Palawan.  I am just hoping to be brought there and see the magic myself…

Pearls tell a very intimate story of our country.  It just shows how rich our seas are and how abundant marine life is in the Philippines if only they are being taken cared of.  Jewelmer made sure to protect the environment and did their part in training other people as well how to take care of our seas as they can bear a very precious fruit.

The first time I saw Michelle that day, I noticed her gold pearls.  I never notice gold pearls before, it’s always the white I have always seen and used.  It looked really lovely on her and I can’t help but miss wearing pearls.  ‘Coz like before, I keep on losing my pear earings.

Anyway, the launch of the Jewelmer event at the Marquee mall was a great success.  Also, Jewelmer Ambassador Piolo Pascual was there as well with his mom.

I was star struck!  I am not a fan of him really but he had a very nice tan and a nice smile…  Also, on his way home, he drove his own car with his mom on the passenger seat… sweet ^_^

Pictures of the event:

Jewelmer Launch at Marquee Mall

Jewelmer Launch at Marquee Mall
Jewelmer Launch at Marquee Mall

Jewelmer Launch at Marquee Mall

Jewelmer Launch at Marquee Mall

Jewelmer Launch at Marquee Mall

Jewelmer Launch at Marquee Mall

These pictures are grabbed from

Jewelmer Lunch Album taken by Panasonic Lumix LZ10

[flickr album=72157623846759674 num=36 size=Square]


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