Lady Gaga Monster Ball Live in Manila 2012 – A Rather Emotional Gaga

“I’m not a creature of your government, Manila.” – Lady Gaga

The very controversial Monster Ball concert still pushed through despite protests.  I am one of those who went to watch the spectacular production that Lady Gaga and the crew has prepared.  IT DID NOT DISSAPOINT! 

The SM Mall of Asia Arena used for the first time to house the Lady Gaga Monster Ball concert.

I wasn’t prepared for the concert coz I decided to go watch just the day itself. Good thing I have some extra clothes by my car. The best of how I can look for a concert lol. And the bandage wrapped around my arm to hide that nasty bruise I just got. I hope it rather looks edgy and mysterious. Like DJ Mike was so eager to find out what’s wrapped inside the band.

Lady Gaga was quite emotional for the duration of the concert.  After singing the first few parts of the controversial “Judas”, the crowd cheered and danced and she said “Oh, you like this song huh…”  The song “Judas” is one of the songs people are protesting to saying it’s blasphemous etc. But Gaga explained that this song is just a metaphor of loving someone despite them betraying you.  And hasn’t this really happened to some of us in real life? 

There were threats from protesters saying they would sue Gaga if there were any acts of indecency and any form of actions that are unnaccpetable to the Christian community.

I was bracing myself the entire night for something weirder than life GAGA acts but hey – I’m not worried about GAGA, I’m more worried about other pressing matters our country is facing and the criminals on loose and not to mention, the very corrupt government.

I think all these protests just gained Gaga more noise, more spotlight to showcase her “REAL SELF” and she says (here we go, Lady Gaga Quotes from Monster Ball tour Manila 2012)

“Tonight is not about making a statement. Tonight is us all coming together because we believe we were all born this way.”

“Manila are you having fun? If you’re not. I don’t give a f*ck”

“Tonight is all about togetherness. In our differences, we are all the same.”

“For those of you who aren’t free. Take this opportunity to free yourself.”

“My lifestyle is like one whole performance of liberation, for those of you who aren’t free. Take this opportunity to free yourself.”

“Its the fcking goddamn truth that people in the world need to be free and be proud of who they are.”

You guys taught me to never give up on myself.”

“The difference between rebels and non-conformists is that Non-conformists don’t take action & they pissed off when things don’t go their way-Lady Gaga 

and Lady Gaga’s full speech at the Monster Ball tour Manila 2012

“I’m not an alien, I’m not a woman, I’m not a man, and I’m not a creature of your government, Manila.  I’m all your dreams and I’m all your potential.  Let me be all your insecurities and your fears. I’m your future, I’m everything that makes you sad and angry.  I’m you, little monsters.  Tonight’s not a statement, tonight’s us coming together because we believe we were all born this way.  Some people say I stand for things that are bad.  The truth is, I want the best for every single one of you.  My life is like one whole performance of LIBERATION.”

“All of those kids all around the world who take their lives when they’re so young because they feel bullied, or they’re afraid because they’re gay and don’t want to tell anybody.  Don’t you think that some of us should f*cking stand up for them and speak the godd*mn truth? It’s true! It’s not about the music, it’s not aobut my clothes, it’s not about having hit records.  It’s the f*cking godd*mn truth that people in the world need to be free and be proud of who they are.”


At the end of the night, Lady Gaga said “It’s all about the truth.”

“Its the fcking goddamn truth that people in the world need to be free and be proud of who they are.”

Lady Gaga Monster Ball Photos

I’m so glad this “MEAT” dress is a fake one. 

photos by me and

Thanks to Smart for letting me be THIS CLOSE to Lady Gaga!

Follow them on Twitter @SMARTcares #SmartLadyGaga

Haven’t bought tickets yet to the Lady Gaga Monster Ball Live in Manila 2012?

Ticket Prices:
PATRON Standing – P15,840
LOWER BOX Reserved Seats – P11,620
UPPER BOX (Reserved Seating) – P5,280
GENERAL ADMISSION (Free Seating) – P2,120

For ticket info, call 470-2222 or contact Ovation Productions at 532-8883.
Purchase online at

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MAY 21:

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More Lady Gaga Concert Manila pictures from my Blackberry:

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  10. Yeah, no cult activity whatsoever going on… at the end of the night, I think Christians are still Christians… people are still who they are, they may be in hiding… but now, they are enlightened.. or something like that haha

  11. your ticket is free? can i have some. 😐 nasa labas lng ako all the time listening live. umaasa na makapasok or just to see her.

  12. You’re lucky! I wanted to see her concert. This is the 2nd concert I missed. 🙁 I want to see her perform. She really gives it all her best. She deserves it. She doesn’t lip sync no? Oh well! Let them protest! Her concert was sold out anyway, right? 😀

  13. But the problem with those protesters, especially from Reuben Abante’s Biblemode Youth, they take it all TOO literally, without deeply understanding the meaning of the lyrics of her songs, including “Judas”.

    And also, I’m ashamed to say this here, but if all of the noise that Pastor Reuben’s flock is just for the sake of media mileage, why include Lito Atienza and Romy Macalintal? If they’re just using her visit here for the sake of their selfish political ambitions next year in the name of God, then I won’t vote for them. That includes Pastor Reuben’s brother, Benny Abante.

  14. Hmm, napaka unfair ng iilang tao, natatakot na baka madeceive at maapektuhan sila sa sinasabi nilang hidden message ng kanta. asan ang paniniwala at pananalig nila sa sinumang diyos na sinasamba nila? para lng nila pinmukha sa akin na napakahina ng kanilang pananalig dahil ntatakot sila kayang gawin ng iisang tao.

  15. Regardless of what you think of her language, she’s right. I was inspired by her message on the DVD of her NYC concert telling people it is OK to be different and anti-bullying – and I am glad she was spreading the same message around Asia in her own unique way. She has the ability to cut through to younger generation in a way the elders – and especially the church – cannot. All power to her. To those who oppose her, I say: don;t go to her concert and don’t buy her music – no-one is forcing her to. But do not deny others the right to experience her performances because of your own narrow, bigoted agendas. Nicely written Hannah!

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