Leaving on a Jet Plane – and Sailing through The Seas

Hello guys

Finally! I’m going to travel again via Airphil Express and will be sailing from Singapore to Malaysia <3 My feet is definitely itching for some travel, my heart thrives for some adventure and my stomach cries for asian food! Milk teas, Bah Kut Teh and Char Kway Teo – whaddup! Come to momma!  Oh Char Siew Fan, Chilli crab, Nasi Lemak and more! I’m such a piggy!

I also have been doing something new lately and I have been trying out “lifecasting”

If you don’t know what it is – Google or Wikipedia 🙂 But seriously, it’s just me broadcasting my activities via livestream! I love technology!

I was just testing out live streaming on Justin.tv and surprisingly I get a lot of views (internationally -whaddup!?!?!) without me even advertising it. I see a really great potential in expanding my online influence and this medium is one way of doing it.

Follow my livestream videos here:


I usually get a foreign sim card so that I can take advantage of their data plans, so that everywhere I go, I’m always connected 😛


Meanwhile, how are you guys? If you’re a blogger, put a link to your latest blog post below so that my other readers can blog hop <3

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See you soon guys!



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