Live Louder Than Life at Grand Prix Season Singapore

A lot of people ask me what to expect when they watch the Singpaore Grand Prix.  I often say,

F1 Singapore Grand Prix, GPSS

“It’s Louder Than Life”

The people who go here are not necessarily motorsports enthusiasts but they are people who don’t want to miss out on all the fun that the Grand Prix Season Singapore has to offer.

LOUD F1 Singapore Street Race at Night

One, you get to witness a LOUD street race! I brought my boyfriend with me a year ago and he was so “mayabang” He’s like, why did you buy me earmuffs? I was like “Ah ganun, wait till the race starts!”

My boyfriend is not an F1 fan, but after witnessing it, he was such a convert. He got so surprised at the deafening sound of the F1 cars as it passed by Padang area where he was seated. He cried for mercy for the earmuffs I bought him!

The race was also full of LOUD action. Michael Schumacher, Nick Heidfeld and Lewis Hamilton got into an accident in front of me! LUCKY ME!!! (I mean, you get lucky when you witness this in front of you because they get out of their car and walkd).  Also, on that race, Heikki Kovalainen’s car got engulfed in fire! No one was hurt. The FIA (governing body of F1) always makes sure that the drivers, the spectators and everyone else is safe. So even if there are fires and accidents, they only get minor injuries. This was a learning experience from the death of an F1 legend – Ayrton Senna.

Now now, the Singapore F1 race is a night race – adding to the challenge of a street race. Yes, the drivers will be driving around Marina Bay area. Unlike non-street circuits, there is a lesser or no margin for error at all. When a driver gets tired, or the team miscalculates, you could get smashed into the wall. It amazes me how I see cars pass by swiftly over a corner 1-inch from the wall!


Party LOUD and Dance the night away in GPSS

Now, the other reason to get LOUD is the party and the entertainment!

DJ Angie Vu Ha

This is DJ Angie Vu Ha, one of the many DJs that will hit the beat with your favorite hits!

Every party station will be packed! St. James, Chjimes, Amber Lounge, Avalon and many more!

Singapore is a very strict country, but it does know how to party! I guess the strict policies are for the protection of everyone. Like I would walk on the streets at midnight and I would not be afraid. Of course, don’t do this in scary areas because after all, you never know what could happen.

Every year, Grand Prix Season Singapore hosts local and international artists. A lot of them! In my 3 years of covering it, I lack the powers to watch everything so you may choose the one that interests you.

I woud live LOUDER THAN LIFE when I dance to Shakira’s live performance! This is something I don’t want to miss. She is such a unique performer with that signature voice and belly moves! Here’s why I want to watch her (link).

Linkin’ Park is also one of the performers that I am dying to witness! I have been waiting for these two to perform in the Philippines. Come to think of it, the walkabout tickets are very reasonably affordable – thinking you get to see mini concerts of Shakira, Linkin’ Park, Rick Astley, Boy George, Shaggy, LMFAO, Ludacris, Charice and many other performers.

The 3 day walkabout tickets are at around P6,000. This would allow you to watch all of them, enjoy the party everywhere. And of course, witness the most luxurious motorsport in the world – F1 Grand Prix. The cheapest is the Single-Day Friday ticket at P1500.

I would love to go to the Amber Lounge party. This is my only chance to rub elbows with the F1 drivers. But, it costs a bit, so we’ll see abou that 🙂


Foreigners flock to Singapore every time Grand Prix Season Singapore happens. It’s like a feast and everyone is on vacation mode. Everyone is on a party mood! This is also the perfect time to meet people and befriend others.

You can never go wrong with the crowd! Many of my friends are watching and this will be fun!



Singapore itself is LOUDER than life. They have Universal Studios now, Marina Bay Sands, the new attractions at Sentosa. Sentosa now has iFly – a sky diving simulator. You will be literally flying and defying gravity!

ifly singapore

So how am I going to Live Louder than Life in Signapore? Definitely cartwheels everywhere, I’m going to dance the night away, I’m going to take awesome pictures, and I’m going to defy gravity by trying a pole class there.

So everytime I’m in Singapore, it just makes me want to do this:

Experience Grand Prix Season Singapore by planning your luxurious sporting vacation now.  Singapore Airlines offers all-in packages starting at USD 920/person.  This special rate includes roundtrip economy class airfare with airport transfers, 3N/4D hotel acommodations, Philippine travel tax & fuel surchare and a FORMULA ONE race ticket (Zone 4 Walkabout Pass for 3 days).

If you bought your tickets already, lucky you!  It’s going to be worth it guys, I always had fun covering the F1 in Singapore!

If you haven’t yet, check out these links below to help you plan your Grand Prix Season Singapore experience:


To purchase your FORMULA ONE tickets go to

To purchase your FORMULA ONE tickets go to

For Grand Prix Season Singapore packages, refer to

Singapore Airlines

For Grand Prix Season Singapore packages, refer

For more information about the Grand Prix Season Singapore, check out

For more information about the Grand Prix Season Singapore, check out

F1 Singapore Grand Prix, GPSS

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