Lovely Day



“When I wake up in the morning love… and the sunlight hurts my eyes..”

And the song goes…

I heard this song while I was driving on my way home… And I couldn’t agree more… What a lovely day!

Parking Lot:

I got lucky to have one available FREE vacant parking lot in our office!  Which doesn’t happen if you arrive mid-day!


Not much to do today


Tummy not so sore anymore (unlike yesterday’s)

Social Calendar:

Nuffnang’s PLDT myDSL watchpad launch went very very well!  I even sang  “Sex on Fire” which got me thinking that I missed performing on stage!  I love rock n’ roll!  To all Nuffnang organizers… CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Photography by Carlos Palma

Back to Singapore and the Nuffnang Blog Awards:

Nuffnang is amazing!  I have been their number one fan ever since they haven’t even landed here in the Philippines!  I’m so thrilled to be one of the winners of the Uniquely Singapore Experience and Prigles Krrunch and I shall be on my way back to Singapore this Oct 23-25 to witness the Nuffnang blog awards!!!  AMAZING!  The world is love…


Group of friends toasting at dinner table

Today, I’m both happy and sad.  To those of y ou who already know what happened, that explains why I’m sad… But Happy because I just realized tonight that I have SO MANY friends!  Can I keep you all and never let you go?  I am just so overwhelmed that I can’t get any sadder now, now that I have you all!!! :)  Thank you for responding to my plurks and for all the encouragement!  Honestly, that’s what keeps me going.

Sweetest Things:

Tonight, I heard the sweetest things and it colors my soul!  And, someone can really give a solid advice – career wise that I am just very thankful for!  It fuels passion to my whole being!  You know who you are…

Girl (8-10) kissing dog




(it’s not yet my birthday, but it’s near)

I usually don’t look forward to the day I age a little older but this year is an exception… I will get the coolest gift from mom!!! but the gift is not important… it’s her gesture that touched me the most… With that, I know she’ll support me in anything that I do… She’s the effin best!!! The best mom I ever had!!!

I LOVE YOU MOM!!! (and I think she wants to start her own blog :P)

The Aldeguers (32)

Another night of Insomnia… converted to a very productive evening…

again.. the cat that looks like me lol

Goodnight ladies and gents…


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  3. hahaha I like your Gravatar pic BTW!!! you rock hahaha!

    yep sometimes we are mistaken as sisters…

    don’t I also look like the cat? *meow* 😛

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