Loving Whooga Uggs

Hey guys.  3 months ago, I ordered some Whooga Uggs from Europe just because I was planning to visit colder countries over winter.  Sadly, The shipment didn’t arrive before my November Hong Kong trip.  But I was so happy that we went back to Hong Kong to experience Disneyland.

When in Hong Kong, everyone is walking and taking MTRs and buses.  I have tried walking around Hong Kong in different kinds of shoes and I always end up with blisters, tired and worn out soles, and cramped muscles.  I walked around in slippers before but my feet still hurt >.<

I am very happy to share that these Uggs were very comfortable and though I brought other shoes with me, I opted to wear this on the entire trip because I know walking around can keeeeel meh!!!

It is a bit expensive though but I say you invest in original and well-made Uggs.  The ones made with poor quality will also hurt your feet.  If you want one, you can order where I ordered and EXCLUSIVE to FlairCandy.com readers, you can avail of a discount if you use the Coupon Code 791FLAIR.

whooga ugg bootsDSC 0003
Whooga Ugg bootsWhooga Ugg Boots

whooga ugg bootsWhooga Ugg Boots


If you’re from the Philippines and you’re buying one, I suggest you use Johnny Air coz I had to pay for a crazy amount of tax for these in customs.  I haven’t tried Johnny Air and I’m not sure why but I heard great feedbacks from Johnny Air from friends.

This gave comfort to my chilly toes in Hong Kong.  At the same time, it gave me all the comfort I need to walk around Disneyland all day, waiting in lines and of course trotting around Hong Kong’s Mong Kok and Causeway Bay to shop 🙂

whooga ugg boots disneyland

Whooga Ugg Boots

White Beret from HnM

Navy Blue Stripe long top with long sleeves from Forever 21

Dark Green stockings from Terranova

Pink Whooga Ugg Boots 🙂

If you don’t want the hassle of shipping, you can just buy Uggs everywhere where you’re going at.

But since it’s almost summer already, it’s time to ditch boots and uggs and it’s time to bare some skin!  These should be good for the next winter season!




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  2. I agree they’re nice and comfy. I bought one in Primark and i’ll buy again soon as a reserve one just in case i go back here in England next year hehe 😀

  3. Saw a lot of wearing Uggs during our HK visit. Ako naman, I have to settle for a cheap boots I bought in Mongkok, sayang kasi di naman magagamit dito sa Pinas.

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  5. Hi, their site does not allow you to pick a shipper option (you mention recommending Johnny Air). Also, how long did it take from the time you ordered to the time you got them? Thanks.

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