Luna Bar and Resto Party Launch – the Moonshine Effect

It has been a crazy sexy cool start for 2010 for me.  When the new year started, I totally committed myself to do better after my life’s “restart.”  I started the year unemployed to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities on my own and focus more on my blogging and online internet marketing.  During the first week of the year, all I did was to brainstorm and plan out some crazy fun stuff I can do not only for myself but for the online community.  In short, I started the year already “working”.”  Yes, this is my new job…

This time, I’m working with pleasure.  When I had the opportunity to organize an event for the bloggers for the first time I immediately said yes!  After all, I love sharing a part of my lifestyle to everyone.  This event is close to my heart.  I love both parties and good food and this new bar just had it all for me!

Luna Resto Bar Launch

Luna’s Treat – Appetizers

15 bloggers were treated with a feast by Luna Bar and Resto.

Luna Resto Bar Launch

Luna Nachos P220  (USD 4.9 )

They started with serving us the Luna Nachos first.  The Nacho Chips were smothered with chorizo, chili con carne sauce, melted cheese and drizzled with their popular pimiento mayo. This is the best Nachos I have ever tasted in my entire life and I mean that with no exaggeration.  It was so good that it was like gone in seconds.  Man, the bloggers got really hungry ;)  The Nachos are really good for sharing and a nice pulutan too for barkada meet-ups and gatherings.

Luna Resto Bar Launch

Luna Sisig P195 (USD 4.4 )

Next they served us with another appetizing appetizer – Sisig.  What I love about Luna bar is that they accent every dish with a hint of Spanish taste to a Filipino classic.  This sisig is no exception as they put bits of chorizo with the pork meat.  The egg added to the fullness of the flavor.  This is good for sharing as well.


Luna Resto Bar Launch

Luna Bar and Resto

Flaming Chicken Wings P240 (USD 5.4)

The next dish they served us was the flaming (literally) chicken wings!  It’s so crispy on the outside and really tender on the inside.  I love that they can serve it in barbecue sauce which is not spicy because me and majority of my friends can’t tolerate super spicy food.  But, if you love spicy then you might be able to ask the waiter give you the sweet chili sauce instead.  The food is really flexible.


Then came the main courses.  They served us graciously with lovely appetizers and I was craving for rice at that time… good thing they served us the main dishes already.


Luna’s Treat – Main Dishes

Luna Resto Bar Launch

Paella de Carne P200++ (USD 5)

Oh, the rice has come!  The Paella dish can be a meal itself that should be good for 3 even without ordering anything else.  The Paella de Carne is a Spanish baked rice on a cast iron skillet topped with a medley of chicken, pork and chorizo.  It was so good and it satisfied my craving for some flavorful rice.  They also have another kind of Paella (which maybe I will try the next time) and it is called Paella de Mariscos.  This dish is topped with a combination of shrimps, calamari and chorizo.


Lengua Salpicao

Lengua Salpicao P195 (USD 4.4)

They served us with Lengua Salpicao next.  These are bite sized Ox tongue sauteed in garlic and a splash of olive oil.  I am not really a fan of ox tongue but to those who are, I got some great comments from the other bloggers who love Lenguas.  I have never tasted Lengua served in Salpicao style before and if you are a fan of the traditional Lengua cooking in mushroom cream then you must definitely try this Lengua Salpicao.


Picture from

Lengua Estufado P220 (USD 4.9)

Along with the Lengua Salpicao, they served us another alternative recipe for Ox tongue.  Lengua Estufado is braised Ox tongue in red wine sauce, served with your choice of rice.  Still not a fan of Ox tongue but feedbacks from other bloggers are that the red wine sauce is a winner!


Luna’s Treat – Pasta

Paella Pasta

Paella Pasta P240 (USD 5.4)

Pasta in Paella sauce, chorizo sausage, sauteed chicken and grilled shrimps topped with shaved Parmesan and served with toasted bread.  If you just want a quick snack to share with another person then this is good to go.  The flavor is overwhelming and you might want to pair this with a bland dish.


Luna’s Treat – Bar Drinks

Luna Bar and Resto

Chocolate Mint Mojito

I didn’t catch the price of this drink as they served it to us as a surprise.  After our dinner, the bar got packed with people.  The music was up to party mode and it was time to get some drinks.  The Chocolate Mint Mojito’s timing was perfect.  It has a unique flavor with your traditional mojito mixed with some choc nut and mint leaves.

Apart from the Chocolate Mint Mojito, they also served us Screw Driver, Weng Weng and Tequila Sunrise.  They have also a wide selection of local and foreign beers if you are a beer jolly person.  This part of the night is sure the favorite of our very own Tangera (Faith) of and our party sexy, FunnySexy Kring!


Luna by Day

Luna Restaurant is open by day and I was witness to the feast they shared with us and it was really satisfying!  Luna’s signature dishes mixes traditional Filipino food with Spanish accent.  I would definitely come back with some other bloggers to get better pictures with day lighting.  (It was a bit hard to take a super nice picture using night light.) There are really no existing clubs along Wilson street and Luna is one venue where you can hang out and have good time with friends, officemates and family.  Overall, the food is good and the location is okay as well.

The only problem you might have when dining here is parking as there are only 2 parking slots allotted for Luna customers in front of the bar.  You can however park at Larry’s and it would require you to walk a few meters.  Don’t worry about safety of the car because there is also a guard on the parking lot.   It’s good for your health trust me 😉


The Moonshine Effect Party Pictures

Here are some party pictures taken by myself, Vince, Carlos, Paul and Fran, Jane, Mica, Jehz and Win.

[flickr album=72157623228928876 num=30 size=Square]


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Luna Bar and Restaurant is located at 220 Wilson street, Greenhills, San Juan City.

Facebook page

Phone:  0932-334-6221
Mon – Thurs:  6:30 pm – 2:00 am
Fri – Sat:  6:30 pm – 3:00 am
Sun:  6:30 pm – 1:00 am


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