Masas – A Taste for Filipino Cuisine at Greenbelt

I clearly haven’t gone around Manila quite enough yet to say that I am an expert blogger in the Metro.  I was born and raised in the City of Smiles Bacolod and just moved here in Manila to develop my career.  With the many restaurants here and there, I missed something special in my life but I am very glad that I now have tasted quite yet another authentic Filipino Cuisine at its best.

It was my first time to dine at Masas and it happened just recently.  Masas is well known for a very traditional Filipino taste that everyone loves.  Traditional in a sense that you can say to your tourist friends that this is “authentic” Filipino Cuisine.  This is how Filipino food should taste like.



Masas has been around for a while and I was very happy to land my tummy into this genuine place.  The staff was very helpful and kind and they served us with their highly recommended dishes.


My particular favorite is the Kare Kare.  They made the Kare Kare in a way that you don’t need to put bagoong (shrimp paste) on it.  The flavor is just so nice and what I like is that there were lots of meat inside to enjoy.


Their best seller is the Crispy Pata which serves 4-5 persons.  The outside part of the meat is very crispy but the inside is very tender.  What I like most about their Crispy Pata is that it is not very oily.


Their steamed pla-pla was surprisingly very good.  I usually don’t like ordering fish on any restaurants here in Manila because I am a bit biased that my province, Bacolod, has the best tasting fishes and seafood in the country.  But, I was wrong, the pla-pla was cooked in a way my mother would cook it (and you know how I love my mother’s cooking!).


This is their Buko Pancit.  The noodle strands are made of buko.  I know it might sound weird but when you taste it, you wouldn’t even think it’s buko.  It tasted like the original pancit we enjoy – but better and healthier!  I really enjoyed this adventurous dish!

buyanihan-com-first-group-buying-philippines-masas-restaurant-greenbelt-05 (1)

They also had the Sinigang with the right kind of “sour” I was looking for and even the meat of the sinigang soup is so tasty that I didn’t need to put any more seasoning.


Masas Filipino Cuisine


Unit 105 Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Makati City

Telephone Nos.:
489-0084 / 757-40-30 to 31

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