Meeting Miss J and Nigel Barker – Beyond the Surface

First of all, I would like to thank Ayala Malls for making this possible!

As part of Ayala Mall’s “Style Origin” events from Feb to May, they invited over Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker and Runway Coach Miss J over at Ayala Malls.

They will be in 3 malls, in 3 days.  Day 1 just finished 😛 If you want a chance to meet them too, read further 😛


Host was Bianca Valerio and she did a great job 🙂


I have been observing how she hosts the entire night because I host events too.  I learned from her.  She has a guide with her but she barely looks at it.  She even read the books of Nigel and Miss J beforehand just so that she can ask more relevant questions and follow-up from it.


Nigel Barker – Beauty Equation

It was an inspiring night for me 🙂 I’ve followed ANTM throughout the different cycles and I learned a lot watching the show, from how to pose and even some photography techniques and ideas!

Anyway, the night started with Nigel Barker being interviewed first.


He also has a book called Beauty Equation.  In his book, he couldn’t emphasize enough that beauty is measured beyond the physical only.  I tried to buy the book, but it was sold out 🙁 or rather, Powerbooks and Fullybooked (who had mini booths selling their books) didn’t have enough stock >.<  Maybe I shall buy it online or something.  I’ll figure it out.


Nigel was also once a model himself and he even studied everything related to his industry – that includes pattern making, tailoring, makeup and many more.  He said that one mistake people make in pursuing their career is to just focus on one thing.  What he believes should be done is to learn everything about the industry that you are in 🙂


Miss J – Follow the Model

Next, Bianca introduced Miss J!


I personally told him my thank you for being an inspiration to many (including me).  He can’t emphasize enough that you must live your dreams, work it, and own it!  Everything is hard work and you should believe in yourself.

(I took down notes because I want to remind myself all the time why I’m doing what I love doing)


On the book signing, I mentioned to him that I’m an accountant too, but that I sort-of moved forward from it and he said so dearly in his own writing:



New Friends

I met a few new people, one of them has my name @_@

Hannah 🙂 and Genevieve



A few Lucky people who interacted with Miss J and Nigel Barker, teaching them catwalk 101.



Book Signing with Nigel Barker and Miss J



After the first set of interview,




It’s a good thing that at I had at least one book


Nigel Barker and Miss J will be in two other malls tomorrow (Friday) and the day after (Saturday).

Unfortunately, no more meet and greet on the day after Saturday (Sunday).

Sorry if I confused you, Rebecca Black is in my system!


If you want to get a chance to meet them, here’s how:

(info based on the Greenbelt 3 Park flyer and schedule)

– They will give stubs to shoppers with seating priority on first-come, first-served basis.

– Stubs will be issued early in the mall, so go check early on at Trinoma on Friday and Alabang Town Center on Saturday.

– 1 stub = 1 seat only

– For Ayala Malls A Cardholders: First 24 Ayala Malls A Cardholders to reserve seats are entitled to 2 tickets.  (757-4853 is their hotline)

I’m not sure if the rules are the same on the different malls, but do go there as early as 11am if you really want this chance!


– and of course, follow Ayala Malls on Facebook to get the latest updates because I think they will be posting soon (or maybe they have posted it already), the details for the Trinoma and ATC meet and greet.


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  4. hi ms. hannah! I super love this post. I am really an avid fan of ANTM eversince. 🙂 I so envy your letter on the book from Ms. J. Waaa!

    If only I live Manila, I would definitely go! I am from Negros though

  5. Pingback: auster rubio
  6. Hi Hannah!
    It’s me, Gen! Whoa, I see my picture! Hahaha, thanks for including me in your blog entry 😛
    Am browsing your past entires now, I’m so inspired by you! Will let you know once I’ve set up my own blog 🙂

  7. Pingback: jhykz tolen
  8. Sweetie, how much are the books? Do you have to buy from the stalls at the event so you can have them signed? Thanks, im hoping to catch them at ATC later.

  9. Bought the 2 books. Beauty Equation is at 700++ and Miss J’s is at 400++. I asked my sister to fall in line at Nigel’s book signing and I went to Miss J’s. I must say she is very sincere and she wanted to really know the person who purchased the book. I loved her dedication.

  10. they have beauty equation now? wow, I wanted to buy that book but it was SOLD OUT! yes, she’s sweet and sincere. hey good job! now you have two books! Where did you have them signed? trinoma?

  11. Hi miss Hannah! Hannah here 🙂
    I read your post and viewed pretty much everything here in your blog. hehe.
    Thanks for the advice. I’ll probably start to have my own blog too. 🙂
    God bless!

  12. I’m so happy you made it!!! yaye! Keep it here ha 🙂 coz I always meet and greet with celebrities and people from the fashion industry 😉 and I always give opportunities for my readers to come too if they can 🙂

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