Memoirs of a heartbreaker’s broken heart

I have always believed that we are in control of every situation, that one can separate different thought boxes and juggle things and events professionally, thinking “mind over matter” is the ultimate way to deal with a serious heartache.


But this storm resistance caused more and more injuries to this passerby as she struggled to walk along the dense corners of the streets of Love.


Not wanting to die in vain, she took urgent shelter in the house of Music… Where she lingered upon the salient memoirs of a genuine heartbreaker… now holding on to her halved heart figuring out ways to mend it all back.


to be continued…

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  1. It was quite a tiring day on duty haha… pero ok din kasi it was a saturday and I can claim that time off. Went to see the track after duty tho and I think I saw you but heck ang dami ng tao… Pero kung may nakita ka nakablue civil defense uniform around marina square walking among the crowd, it was prob me hehehe… Ang saya kasi it’s really something new here in singapore. sobrang ingay nga lang pero thats part of the experience di ba. Heard dami celebs dun… Meron k ba nkita Filipino celebs dun?

  2. haha! Of course I have seen a lot of men in navy blue civil defense uniforms! I always ask them around coz we don’t know our way around and I got a really painful muscle cramp on my leg sa kakalakad! Yes Marina square was there on Sunday we entered the gate near Marina square and it was just crazy the hype was up and I did enjoy! I was supposed to get to contact you coz I was thinking what if one of them i asked was that Jehz’s friend. I haven’t seen any Fil Celebs though I’ve seen some people from my office there as well So tell me … SO YOU SAW ME??!?

  3. Oh, if u asked someone in Civil Defense uniform and you found your way, it probably wasn’t me.. haha… At most Id get you lost LOL. I’m not really sure if it was you… Must be a singaporean.. you look chinese actually. So hmm might not be you… LOL

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