Merdeka Square and Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Let’s go back to history a little bit.  I want you guys to learn a lot from my blog especially interesting stuff.  Don’t fall asleep reading this post okay?

Merdeka in Malay means Independence.  Just like the Philippines, Malaysia also struggled colonization from Britain.  Manila was also under the British rule around the 1700s for only 2 years.  Resistance was strong and it prevented the British folks to spread around the archipelago.

But don’t you ever wonder how it would be if they colonized us? Think Harry Potter, Queen Elizabeth, The Spice Girls, David Beckham, Kate Middleton, Prince William, and of course and Mr. Bean😛

Mr Bean Philippines

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia was colonized by Britain for many many years.  Hence they drive on the left hand side of the road, and they have British sounding towns / places.

Why choose between fashion and comfort when you can have both?

Wearing my Sanuks.  It’s perfect for traveling where there’s a lot of walking!


Merdeka Square, Dataran Merdeka or Independence Square

Sometimes they also call this place as Padang Merdeka.

I never knew that this place is so rich of history.  I was standing at the place where Malaysia waved their first flag of independence.  Across the field is the Royal Selangor Club which is a very exclusive, all men’s club

Therefore, I can’t go in 😛

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

This building is just right across Merdeka Square.  We hanged out inside the bus for a while because this area had free open internet.  Most of the pictures of this building was taken by my Blackberry Playbook.

Too bad we couldn’t go here at night because I heard that this building is also decorated by lights.

I always happen to visit Malaysia during August.  And I usually see their flags displayed everywhere.  This is to celebrate their Independence day.

Notice the buildings with Malaysia’s national flag.

Malaysia has different states and Selangor is one of them.  Kuala Lumpur is a city within Selangor.  Each states have a different flag of their own.  And of course, they have a national flag.

*If you ask me why I know so much about Malaysia, it’s because I have a lot of awesome friends there. (Shout out to all shouters!)

I was supposed to meet AlvinC a.k.a. Chewygummy at Port Klang because he’s the one who lives in Klang.  We planned to go around Klang to find some nic Bah Kut Teh.  They took me here once and he wanted me to try the dry BKT.  We couldn’t find one so we tried the ‘ol traditional soup 🙂

But we didn’t push through because our tour went to KL instead.  Don’t worry yah, I will be back.

Fly to Singapore and Sail on a Cruise Ship to Malaysia

This trip was part of AirPhil Express’ Fly and Sail adventour package.  We only had a day trip in Malaysia but I think it was about enough time to go around the major landmarks.  What I like about sailing is that I need not pack my bags to go to another country because I can leave my things in the ship.  No hotel transfers or whatever.

More to come in our Malaysia experience: Menara KL or KL Tower, KLCC and docking at Port Klang and Thean Hou Temple

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