Missing Ponti

Ponti is not a person

Ponti is place

where hybrid people in the Metro

dine the place with grace

and after dark this place transforms

into hip-notic scene

if you have not been here yet,

where have you been?

this place brings awesome memories

for more than ten awesome years

this place has just been a part

of everyone’s careers!


That was a hard one.

Anyway, I really miss this place.  The resto-bar is really called “Il Ponticello” but the people just call it “Ponti”. Aside form the good food, I always love the crowd here too.  It’s a temple for my dancing soul 🙂 I haven’t been here in a since we moved offices to The Fort.  I was so glad we came here for a pitstop.  This place is really known for its bar and night life.  But people don’t usually know that they have good Italian food here.  Well, I haven’t really tasted everything but I love the pizza and the pasta here!



Prosciutto Di Parma, Mortadela, Salami Milano and Pepperoni Salami

(translation: all-meat pizza)

It was a little bit salty for me, but I have tried other pizzas and I recommend the Four-Cheese Pizza!


Vince ordered the Onion Soup: Zuppa Di Cippole

It’s Onion soup with Mozarella and dipped bread.


Vince also ordered this.  He was in the mood for some lamb dish.

This is the Arrosto D’Agnello.  It’s a Roman specialty of over-baked leg of lamb in red wine sauce.

Now that is definitely Vince’s taste 🙂


Rev&Rave drink: Bacci made of Vodka, Tequilla and Orange

It’s a yummy drink and tastes just like juice :)  You’ll feel the alcohol kick in the middle though **oh lowdy**

fun! fun!

I was feeling a little bit hyper because this was the night before my trip to KL.

This is also the drink that could give me (or you if you buy the same drink) a chance to be sent to Singapore to watch the F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010!  You know why you want to go.  You would get to see the legendary Michael Schumacher or your other favorite F1 driver in the Parade of the Drivers before the race starts.


I watched the F1 Grand Prix before and saw my favorite F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen.  Watch this video and hear me scream.

Imagine you’re 5 meters away from Schumi… *faints* I haven’t seen him in person yet BTW and I’m hoping I would get a chance to win too.  It would be FAB!  I will tell my grand children all about him!!!

Not a fan eh?  You don’t have to be.  When I was in college, I wasn’t a fan of F1 but I thought it would be cool to see this most luxurious event LIVE.  I never thought I would ever really get to watch it live… I mean, tickets were expensive and you need to go out of the country!  But when they announced that they will have the first night race in Singapore, I really took the chance to watch it! Singapore is so near the Philippines and if you take advantage of the seat sales, you’d get cheaper tickets.  It’s an event you’d be proud you experienced.

F1 Signapore is a big feast.  You would also get to see stars performing mini-concerts around the area (included in the ticket).  So far, I have witnessed “The Wailers (THAT WAS THE BOMB) reggae love” and the Backstreet Boys.  This year, its the diva’s turn – that’s right Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, Adam Lambert (he’s a Diva, right?), also Daughtry and many more.

P1070720 P1070727

Il Ponticello Cafe Ristorante

2nd Level, Antel 2000 Bldg.
121 Valero St., Salcedo Village
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: (63 2) 887-7168, (63 2) 887-4998, (63 2) 887-7154

*for more information about the Singapore GP Season and to buy your tickets visit singaporegp.sg

To book exclusive airfares and 2010 Formula OneTM Singtel Singapore Grand Prix all-in-one packages, log-on to www.singaporeair.com, or call Red Rock Travel at (632) 738-6614.

To directly purchase race tickets, visit www.singaporegp.sg, www.ticketworld.com.ph, or call Racegear at (632) 359-4247.

With so many varied and exciting events during the 2010 Grand Prix Season Singapore, it’s time to experience YourSingapore the way you want to! For more information, visit Yoursingapore.com.

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  9. I was just in Ponti last Thursday and I was given several raffle tickets. I hope I win!!! Asa! LOL! 🙂 But I won twice dun sa parang raffle ng goodies nila. I got a shirt and a luggage tag. Hehehe! Sana yung next trip to Sing! Hahaha!

  10. The lamb was sooo tender! I was cutting it with my spoon! The pizza was awesome too…. oh wait…. we had leftover pizza…. SH*T!!! It’s still in the fridge…

  11. Game! But I don’t think I can this week. Hmmm… just text me. 😀

    You game for a surf trip next weekend (Sept 11-12?)? I can’t do weekdays lah. 🙁

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