Most Memorable Dim Sum Lunch at Crystal Lotus Hong Kong Disneyland

Before I start the post, here’s a flower to all of my readers 🙂

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 017

Flowers are everywhere and I can’t help but take snapshots of it!

Before anything else, I just want to say that writing this blog post is such a torture.  It kept on getting me hungry just by viewing these photos again.

When Vince and I traveled to Hong Kong again, we decided to focus our stay on Disneyland for 3 days, stay in Disneyland Hotel and enjoy, relax and be kids again.  Well, we are kids at heart anyway 🙂

We left Manila at around 9am and arrived in Hong Kong at 11am.  We flew via Cebu Pacific and slept throughout the trip.  I remembered both of us did not get any much sleep at all, thus we were so excited for our vacation!  Since Disneyland Hotel is very near the airport, we decided to just cab it.  It cost us around HKD 120.  At the airport, take the Red colored cab.

Hong-Kong-Disneyland-HKDL-HK-DL-Disney-Mickey-Mouse-WhenInManila 005 Hong-Kong-Disneyland-HKDL-HK-DL-Disney-Mickey-Mouse-WhenInManila 078

You can go around the Disneyland compounds via Bus.  This will take you to Disneyland Hotel, Hollywood Hotel and the Disneyland Train Station where the park also is.

There’s free Wifi in the lobby!  Although sometimes it can reach the room.  But if you ask for net connection in the room, you need to pay.

Lunch at Crystal Lotus

I had the most memorable lunch in my life!  We had lunch at Crystal Lotus.  It can be found on the Ground floor of Disneyland Hotel.  I very much enjoyed lunch here.  It is known for its creative dimsum recipes.  I have never experienced anything like this!  I was so happy that I almost forgot that I’m a blogger and I almost ate my food without taking photos!

Crystal Lotus is an award-winning restaurant that offers outstanding cuisine from four major culinary regions of China: Sichuan, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong.  What we had for lunch is a specially created Disney Dim Sum!  So, if ever you’re around, you can ask for Disney Dim Sum set.  They are only open on Weekends and Special Holidays though so make some inquiries before you book for lunch or dinner.

Hong-Kong-Disneyland-HKDL-HK-DL-Disney-Mickey-Mouse-WhenInManila 018

From here, I will walk you through the things we ate 😛

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 022

Steamed Piggy Masked Buns

this is best eaten with…

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 023

Roasted Suckling Pig

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 025

I ordered Milk Tea.  Milk Teas in Hong Kong are the best!

Mickey-shaped carrot with Justin Bieber hair 😛

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 031

I’m about to kiss an alien 😛

Seriously, it is a Little Green Man Pork and Vegetable Bun.

The famous Mickey’s Seafood Glutinous Pancake.

It tasted like radish cake. It’s best when dipped in that hot chili dip!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 033

Double-boiled Chicken and Canopy Soup in Petite Coconut!

This was our favorite soup ever!  The sweet soup had the natural flavors of coconut.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 037

Look! Mickey’s hands!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 035

Wok-Fried Shrimps and Disney Root Vegetables

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 036

Red-braised Pork Loin stuffed in Whole Chinese Pair.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 039

The pork skin was still crispy!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 042

and this was my favorite dish! A GOLDEN CRAB!

hehe just kidding 😛

Open it up and here goes…

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 041

my favorite Fried Rice with Tasmanian Crab Meat stuffed in golden crab shell!

I’m Asian and I heart rice for life!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 046

Chicken Little Steamed Lotus Seed Paste Bun.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 050

Poor Chicken Little bun, I’m about to eat it!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 049

but before that, picture time with Chicken Little 😛

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 048

Chicken Little was accompanied by these monkeys! so cute!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 047

To end the spectacular meal, they served Chilled Mickey’s Red Bean Honey Pudding (on the left)

and also Chilled Mickey’s Green Tea Jelly (on the right)

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 051

Zoom in and whoah! are those flowers? <3

Exclusively for their 5th year anniversary, you can also get this cheesecake with Nemo!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Lumix 043

ahh… very satisfied customer – tummy filled Flair Candy 🙂

We definitely enjoyed our meal and we are ready to roam around Hong Kong Disneyland Resort!

Check out my previous posts to see how it went <3

Now, it’s time for me to grab some lunch 🙂

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