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Better Late than Never!


October 30 2009

My French Friends invited me to this party at A-venue XD… I think it’s the big Big Fish party… Sadly I had to say that I can’t go with them… That’s because I was not prepared for this Halloween and I didn’t have any “skanky” costume!

My French Friend and I had a quick chat after the event.  She said that good thing I didn’t come because her purse was stolen… They had a bad time at the event… Too bad…

October 31 2009

Kring invited me to this “costume party” at Galileo (Mandaluyong).  How can I say “NO”?  I love Galileo for its vast array of wine (and cheese and cold cuts)!  The ambiance really looks classy and if I were to take a guy on a date – I’d take him here 😛

Anyway… I was in panic mode because as I said above, I had no costume for Halloween!  I struggled to find something in my closet that I could at least transform into a costume – but i saw none!!!  Then I found this flowy white dress that I haven’t worn even once!  Then I said… hmm… let me wear this, and I can be “white lady” … or “sadako” But I don’t want to be ugly … :P  So I decided to be an “Ice Princess” instead T___T lame lame… what is an Ice princess anyway? … either that or a “really hot ghost.”  Seriously, I watched a Japanese horror movie before … but it was kind of KINKY!  The ghost is a girl… but she is really hot… and she invades the dreams of this guy… The guy often wakes up… er… with a… *uhmmm* you-know-what. 😛 Fine let me say it “jizz in his boxers” XD

Anyway, back to the topic!

Galileo – Costume Party

I think Ivan was the one who organized this party…  The only person I know initially is Kring and Michi … then they just introduced me to their friends :)  They were all friendly and nice!  and they love to have fun – like me!


We got hungry and we ate at Jalapeno first! ♥

85-er's Halloween 2009 035

Their Nachos are the best! for only Php 175 pesos, it filled all five of our stomachs!

85-er's Halloween 2009 028

85-er's Halloween 2009 037

Empire and Dolce

85-er's Halloween 2009 048

85-er's Halloween 2009 047

Road Trip to Tagaytay at 3am

We had an impromptu Tagaytay trip! One second, someone just blurted out… Let’s go to Tagaytay and we were all GAME! On our trip, we found out that we have one thing in common… we all were born in the year 1985 XD We named our team “the 85-ers”. While we were roadtrippin’ we listened to the songs we grew up with… Songs by the Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Britney Spears, Spice Girls … etc.

We arrived in Tagaytay at around 4am.  That time, I only know one restaurant that is open for 24 hours – Andanita Taj of Tagaytay.  This restaurant serves Mediterranean food.  I ordered shawarma :P.  Click here to know more about this hotel/restaurant.

Sunrise came and we craved for some Bulalo!  We went to Leslie’s to cam-whore… and to eat!  Check out the awesome set of pictures! 😀

On our way home… and without sleep, we still had lots of energy in store!  What we did from Tagaytay to Manila is just to sing our heart out!  We even recorded ourselves (video).  Hit play on the video below. 😛  We also played a game… Like we play a song and the one who will say the Title and the Artist first WINS!  The prize … nothing… 😛  Just for fun!  hahaha

Oh yes… I had trouble uploading the videos to youtube because these are recorded by my panasonic lumix lz10.  It is in HD (high-definition) and the file is quite heavy.  I had to download a converter and a video editor just to trim it down.  I got carried away though… and I made this video 😛

Watch the video in HD here.


The 85-ers Halloween Adventure by Kring Elanzano of

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Camera away from the driver video

Hand in my pocket – 85-ers cover video

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