Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV for Instant Fairness

I’ve had wierd experiences with BB Creams.  For some reason, they just don’t seem to blend well on my skin.  I think that’s the thing with beauty products, it might work for different skins.  I totally gave up on BB Creams because I think it really wasn’t for me, until I tried the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream.

When I initially apply it, it looks super wierd becuase my face looks whiter than my normal hue.  Since I was getting my gym clothes ready, I let the cream stay for a while.  After a few minutes, my face looked really good.  Lighter than my natural hue, but this time, it really blends well on my skin!

Instant Fairness! Note that i didn’t touch the left side part, but yes, it blends well on my skin once applied. Also, take note of the redness in my hand, it got concealed well by the cream. No wonder these Koreans, who made using BB Creams popular, look super flawless!
This day I was using Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream
I love the instant fairness, hiding my blemishes and that dewy glow!

Patience is a virtue, they say. And most whitening products will test that virtue by having you wait several months before you see your whitening product take effect. But sometimes, you need fairer skin RIGHT NOW and NEUTROGENA is giving you just that.

The new Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV provides instant fairness and blemish-free skin through special skintone-matching minerals. Because Neutrogena is a strong advocate of healthy beauty, this BB Cream also contains the science of Fine Fairness to work within your skin and provide continuous whitening from the inside out.

The Fine Fairness BB Cream UV is the final addition to the existing Fine Fairness line, which currently consists of a Cleanser, Toner, Lotion SPF30, Night Cream, UV Sunblock, Serum, and Whitening Mask.

About Fine Fairness

Skin pigmentation takes place on various levels of the skin – from melanin production (the substance responsible for skin color), to melanin transfer, and skin discoloration from UV rays. To effectively address skin pigmentation, it is crucial to tackle it through a multi-dimensional approach.

Stabilized Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that blocks free radicals and reduces Tyrosinase, an essential enzyme in melanin formation. This stable form of Vitamin C ensures a prolonged release for a long-lasting healthy glow.
Phyto-lily Extract helps inhibit melanin production to prevent skin pigmentation and skin dullness.

Vitamin B3 works from the inside-out to renew cells and inhibit melanin transfer to keratinocytes. This helps make skin appear youthfully radiant and translucent.

By taking the finest ingredients from the latest in skincare research, the Fine Fairness Healthywhite Complex helps to transform skin from the inside-out. This results in a beautiful, fair and even-toned complexion with a healthy, lasting glow.

About BB Cream
BB Cream, which stands for Blemish Balm, is one of the newest skincare phenomena to hit the market. BB Creams began in Germany as a concealer for post-surgery scars. When Korean actresses started to use BB Creams, a revolution in skincare was born. Known to provide excellent coverage that immediately hides blemishes, the BB Cream has become an essential item for instantly smooth and fair skin.

True to the brand’s commitment of providing women with healthy beauty, the FINE FAIRNESS® BB Cream UV contains naturally-occurring minerals, Mica and Titanium Dioxide. When applied to the skin, these minerals match with the skintone to deliver instant blemish coverage.

Fine Fairness BB Cream
Now, combine the immediate fairness of BB Cream and the in-depth whitening powers of FINE FAIRNESS®. The result? A moisturizer that instantly corrects blemishes and works from within to continuously whiten skin. At a special introductory rate of P575 (20% discount from P720) for the month of February, this latest product from Neutrogena is exclusively available at Watsons.

So ladies, those months of waiting for fairer skin are over. With the new Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV, you can get that instantly fairer complexion and healthier, continuously whiter skin.

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