Nurture Nature With Digital Love

I just got back from my Boracay trip but I am sick T___T’

I cancelled my dubbing session today because my flu would make me sound funny T__T’

Therefore, I just stayed home… I needed to sleep supposedly, but I think I slept enough.  There’s only one thing to do… bum around the house, get lazy, maybe watch some episode of Fringe and surf the web randomly of course!

So what’s going on with my Cyber Life today???

I have been taking care of Nature right at the comforts of my own house.

Say WHAT?!?

I am gardening using my laptop and my mouse!


That’s right you lazy bums…

You can Nurture Nature with some Digital Love!


If you don’t have anything to do in your house right now, or you’re just slacking off at work now waiting for Lotus notes to stop freezing then maybe you can try get productive with your slack time by taking care of plants online 🙂

rexona garden This is a screen shot of me putting Earthworms on plant “Hannah”

That’s right 🙂 The plant is named after me because I had the privilege to decorate this plant and name it 🙂

Rexona Naturals (7)


Rexona Naturals (10)

This is my BABY! 🙂

The FlairCandy Blog is an advocate for the Environment

I would really appreciate it if you help me with my advocacy.

I really enjoyed being a part of this project and you can help me take care of “Plant Hannah” by going to

the Nurture Nature Facebook App!

Join me and help me take care of my plant…

It’s just easy

Go here:

And start nurturing Nature with Digital Love 🙂

image Here, you can see Plant “Hannah” on the lower left corner of the LIVE webcam (screenshot)


(grabbed from I <3 Nature Facebook Page) 😛

Plant “Hannah” is beside my other friends’ plants as well 😀

imageThese are commands you can click to take care of the plants in this room!

All you have to do is click on the corresponding buttons and a gardener will execute the commands as viewed through live streaming videos.

You can:

put fertilizer on the plants

water the plants

play music for the plants

trim the plants

spray mist

remove caterpillar

add earthworms

release butterflies (unlocked if you invited 15 friends)


Flirt with the Gardener!

HAHAHA I’m just kidding!

But if you do want to flirt with them, you can visit the Facebook app often and ask them to do stuff for the plants.  Who knows, they might notice you more! lol

This is Gardener Ikey greeting you all.

He’s not alone, there are other gardeners like Carlos and I don’t really know how many gardeners there are.  You can find out by joining us in nurturing nature now 🙂

Go here:

Nurture Nature Garden and Facebook App is brought to you by the new Rexona Naturals antiperspirant that combines natural ingredients with the best in antiperspirant science.  The Nurture Nature Facebook application is more than your favorite online game “Plants vs Zombies”.  You really are taking care of a real garden! 🙂 Proving that even the most unnatural spaces can be transformed by nature.  I am personally doing this to help my blog become carbon neutral amongst the other plans I have like planting trees for my blog.

Help me take care of plant “Hannah” yah?



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  1. You just got back from Boracay…=) no need to join the wow travel raffle he he… nice post Hannah. I really like this one, going green after all.

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