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Living in a tropical island like the Philippines, everyday fashion style is limited to wearing comfortable and breathable clothing.  We don’t really wear boots on a casual sunny day.  We don’t wear coats a lot because obviously you would look ridiculous wearing trench coats, stylish boots, colorful scarves and cute beret on a sunny weather all year long.

Not unless you are a blogger of course and you cam-whore a lot then you can do all the photo shoots all you want in your own house.  Just don’t go outside looking like a Blair Waldorf in autumn though.

Another excuse to wear cute layers of clothing is if you go out of the country to a much cooler place.  It’s autumn somewhere in the world and autumn fashion is in!!!

I will be going to Hong Kong last week of November and I heard it’s going to be cold around that time.  I am trying to look for cute and comfy boots that I can use.  The last time I was in Hong Kong, I swear my legs hurt because of the constant walking, shopping and sight seeing.  I want my footwear to be really comfortable while I tour around.

I found this beauty online and I am planning to buy this!!!


It’s a pink Tall Sand Whooga Ugg boots

I looked for fashion bloggers owning one and I found Sequin Magazin‘s cute photo.


You can also wear it high up ^_^

I’ve been to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong at night and it’s really cold there even in summer.  I would need these to warm my feet like no other.  Whooga Ugg boots are constructed 100% merino fleece (ThermoFleece)

Win Whooga Ugg boots

Whooga UK is running a giveaway to everyone that signs up to their newsletter.  All you have to do is to go to their website here and subscribe to their newsletter! Smile They draw boots for the winners at the end of each month and it’s open to everyone in all countries Smile If you can’t wait to get one on your own and you don’t want to wait for the raffle draw (like me), you can use the coupon code 791FLAIR.

Happy online shopping everyone!

It’s getting cold everywhere <3

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  5. Are there guy versions for these? I mean, not for the pink ones, but I think we need to keep our toes away from frostbite, too. Call me crazy, but the pale beige ones remind me of garlic, and I love garlic, so that would be the color I choose.

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