Partying in Hong Kong

I’ve been to Hong Kong a few times, what can I say, I love the food and the sights here.  But, I’ve never been out to experience the night life.  I have planned to go out a few times but since I don’t know any locals in HK, it was hard.

I think the best way to explore the city is to befriend a local 😛

You have, travelocity and many other sites that will let you know where to go so in case you don’t know anyone, just do your research online.

But, lucky for us… our know some HK residents and finally!!! I got to go out at night to see what’s happenin’ in Hong Kong.

Fatt's Place Hong Kong Hannah Villasis

Fatt’s Place is located at 2 Hart avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui.  It’s in between Nathan road and Chatham road. They said that this place has the greatest selection of beer both local and imported.  You can munch on chicken wings, steaks and spare ribs here.  They also give free peanuts which I adore because they tasted so good!

This is everyone.  A mix of locals, residents and tourists 🙂 I really had fun thanks to these guys!

In Hong Kong, if there’s more than two of you commuting, it’s efficient to take a cab coz you can share the fare (that rhymes!) with your friends.  There’s 4 of us in this cab which is also the max number they can accommodate.  Look at my ugly face, I’m already half-buzzed at this time.

Our cab was headed to the night life of Hong Kong – Lan Kwai Fong!

hannah villasis flaircandy hong kong uggs

I thought we were ust meeting Vince’s friends and possibly have dinner or drinks somewhere.  I didn’t know we were going clubbing but I was wearing these.  @_@ I’d still choose to be comfortable though, walking around Hong Kong is very enjoyable, but it could be painful too.

A couple of days after, an online friend from Hong Kong buzzed me up on Facebook chat saying he thought he saw me at Lang Kwai Fong… He should’ve said hi!  I do appreciate if you guys approach me and say hi 🙂 I won’t bite *rawr* <– I’m kidding

err.. nuff said.

lan kwai fong flaircandy hannah villasis hong kong

ahh… the busy street of Lan Kwai Fong.

We headed up to one of the clubs on top of the building.  So we headed up the hill.  I forgot the name of the place @_@ but it was SOOOO packed!

Anyway, when in Hong Kong… go to Lan Kwai Fong if you want to experience the night life.

Up next, I’m digging for our night out experience in Singapore… I just need to look for those photos somewhere… Gaaah I hate it when I loose evidence of my memories…





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  2. Interesting post. Got here when I googled for “what to wear in HK on Feb.” from what you’re wearing, i gather it’s not really that cold yes? Or would you recommend me packing some trench coats, or parkas during my trip next month? Thanks!

  3. LKF wasn’t that cold… but if you’re climbing Victoria Peak, I suggest you cover up pretty good…

    But if you’re just walking around the city, some comfy boots to warm your feet and and some light sweater or scarf to keep you warm.

    In the morning, it’s pretty warm (but still cold compared to here in PH).. but at night it gets more chilly.

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