Pasta de Waraku – Changi Airport Singapore

I haven’t written food blogs in a while.  I was more focused on health and fitness.  But what is health without food?

Food indeed is fuel for our body.  When I’m travelling, food tripping is part of my adventure!  I was so happy that I was with fellow bloggers who enjoy food like I do!

I wasn’t supposed to make a separate post for this restaurant but I had a great experience and decided to share it to you guys.  It was also the perfect time to bond with the other bloggers, now they know how crazy I am and how I get hyper (drunk-like) over ice cream.  I enjoyed this dinner probably because of the company that I have as well (nuks!).

Day 1 of our Fly and Sail adventure, touchdown Changi Singapore via Airphil Express.  We arrived in Singapore at 8pm and it was timely to eat on the airport.  Do you love airport food? Because I do… Sometimes I crave for aiplane food – I have no idea why.

We went to Pasta de Waraku to wait for Roch, one of the bloggers with us but she had trouble with immigration.  Alamak! (Malay expression for OMG) Immigration is always a headache.  Anyway, read here story here.


Pasta de Waraku – Japanese Fusion Restaurant

pasta de waraku - japanese fusion singapore

First impressions.

It’s Japanese food!  And I’m in Singapore!  I was thinking of feeding myself with lots of chicken rice, char kway teo, char siew fan, chilli crab, roast duck and hawker food!  But at that time I was so hungry I needed a “safe” food so that my tummy won’t get disintegrated (strong word but yes, my tummy is a grumpy one).

pasta de waraku japanese fusion changi airport singapore

The walls were decorated with different real-looking representation of their different dishes.

The ambiance was very casual yet it has that certain glam that would attract travelers to take a pitstop to fuel their tummies.  Pasta de Waraku is known for their different flavoured and customizeable Japanese infused pasta.

Dinner special total price: $24.80 with complimentary soup of the day and vegetable salad.  All sets also include fried tofu cubes, potato salad and fries.

For their dinner special, there are three steps in ordering:

1. Choose main course.  Among the things we tried are: Ribeye steak, soft shell crab (my order), smoked duck, and salmon steak.

2. Choose pasta.  Many choices here.  Most of the pasta they prepare are infused with Japanese flavor and that includes putting pouched egg yolk with your pasta.

3. Choose drink.  They only have coke, sprite, iced lemon tea and hot/cold green tea.

4. Choose your ice cream.  We all loved the black sesame ice cream!  This is the only choice you should try!

Warning: Huge serving!  I would probably share this with another lady friend.  But this would be perfect for a guy’s tummy.  They’ll definitely leave full and satisfied.

pasta de waraku prawn spicy carbonara

Prawn Spicy Carbonara with Yolk and Carbonara Sauce

Ordered by Marcos, my fellow Ilonggo 🙂  It is one of the best pastas I’ve tried in this restaurant.  Good choice Marcos!  It wasn’t too spicy, I love egg and shrimp and the subtle carbonara sauce.  I prefer oil-based pasta by the way or pasta without too much sauce.

The other pasta that I loved is what Estan and Winston ordered.

pasta de waraku

Estan had Smoked Salmon steak and Basil pasta with tomatoes.

When Estan’s order arrived, my nose just hyperjumped to a wormhole, brining me to another dimension (I’m exaggerating)  But that’s how good the smell of the basil pasta was.  And the taste of course was much appreciated since I love oil-bases pasta.

pasta de waraku - bacon and potato pasta

Bacon and Potato Pasta with Wafu Cream Sauce

This is actually my order.  I was just curious how potato in apasta would taste like.  It was actually good, but I found that it was too heavy for my meal.  I didn’t know that we were going to be served with fried tofu cubes, potato salad and fries on the side. (I wasn’t entirely reading the menu).

pasta de waraku roast duck barbeque

Smoked Duck with Sweet Chili Sauce

This is another winner! Ordered by Ferdz and Marcos.

pasta de waraku soft shell crab

Soft Shell Crab with Wasabi Mayonnaise Sauce

This was my order, and to me this was the best!  Loved the crispy crab fried and salted.  I didn’t even dip it to the sauce anymore because it was already flavorful. We had to ask the werver if we can eat the shell – just to be sure 😛

pasta de waraku soft shell crab singapore

Another angle of the soft shell crab.

Am I making you hungry now? good! 😛 *evil laughs*

and for dessert:

pasta de waraku black sesame ice cream

Black Sesame Ice Cream!

This was a new flavor for me.  I told the other bloggers after my first bite that the taste has another dimension.  There’s touch (texture), taste, smell, the visual (eyes) and the ears.  There’s not much hearing going on to taste the ice cream but I couldn’t describe exactly how the first bite felt.  Like the ice cream was smoking inside my mouth.

You know how unique the sesame seeds taste are – a tiny dash of it in something as simple as bread, adds up to the flavor.

And for this ice cream, it’s really good.  Well done!

So now you know of a great place to eat when you’re in Singapore Changi Airport.

Pasta de Waraku
Changi Airport Terminal 2
Viewing Mall, Departure Check-in Hall, Level 3
Opening Hours : 11.00am -11.00pm
Public area
Budget: SGD 25

This meal is not part of the AirPhil Express Fly and Sail package but hey, it’s still super affordable at P24,888.

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  1. Yes, I appreciate that the drinks is quite generous… need to hydrate myself after avoiding water in the plane coz I don’t want to go too often to the toilet 😛 It was actually hard for me to find upon arrival. Maybe if you’re interested to try, ask around first. 🙂

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