Photo Shoot for the New Blog Layout!

Check it out guys… I believe you have noticed the new layout of my blog  Smile I have been planning this since January 2010!  But I didn’t have any really nice pictures to update the background.  So, first things first, I though of having a photo shoot!  Who says photo shoots are only for magazines and billboard ads?  If you want one, you can actually have one.  All you have to do is to find a photographer, a studio, and a makeup artist (If you don’t know how to do your own makeup).  I actually know of some people who just do the photo shoot by themselves and it actually looks great!

Thank you so much to Vince for introducing me to Garvin who did the photo shoot.  Garvin also thought of the techie, candy concept Smile Check the awesome pictures below… I love it!!! Big thanks also to Char who did my hair and make-up despite the busy business day!  Thanks for making me look really pretty Char Smile And of course, thank you to Jehz for combining the photos and made a whole new layout!  He did it only overnight!  I have no doubt for this guy’s eye for creativity and art!

Photographed by:  Garvin Yao

Hair and Make-up by: Charlene Tan

8 arms

Techie – 8 arms

This picture is WOW!  This is how I’d look like with 8 arms which I wish I have with all the things I do today.  8 arms would come handy while surfing too! Smile with tongue out


I love the shoes… bought that from Singapore.  (I forgot the name of the shop).  I usually don’t care about brands, as long as I love it, I’ll take it *rawr*


I was supposed to lick the lollipop but it didn’t look nice lol


hmm… wet look Smile with tongue out love the make-up! and I love the detail of droplets near my eyes ^_^


ooh la la… last but not the least… Chocolate Candy!

So, do your own photo shoots yah? Don’t wait for magazines and TV shows to invite you.  If you would want to get a hold Garvin and Char, you can check out their contact details below.

Garvin Yao

If you’re interested to get Garvin for photo shoots, just drop a note here.

Charlene Tan

[email protected]

For makeup bookings: +63.922.824.2758 ,  +63.927.275.3927

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  1. i love the techie 8 -arms!! when i first saw your new header, yun yung una kong napansin!! ang awesome nung idea na you’re holding multiple things that are so you at same time with different hands 😀

  2. Great shoot and great photos ! One question: what are you holding in your hand ? Okey I realized you got 8 hands. LOL! I meant the one on your left that’s colored white. I just can’t figure it out. hehehehe!

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