President for Happiness of Coca-Cola Wants to Make You Happy

Hello everyone!  It’s been a crazy hectic week for me at work and my tweets are bombarded with updates about my job.  But, I’m happy because it is a job I love doing.  Almost every day, I chill with different local (and international *wink*)  actors and actresses and though sometimes we come home late from the set, my day is fulfilled.

It’s fun being with different kinds of people, get to know them and actually involve myself with the “entertainment” industry.  And our main goal is to give entertainment to everyone, to make you guys happy Smile

With that, I want to share more happiness your way and I just have the greatest news for you all!


Coca-Cola just appointed Caloy as their President for Happiness!



What does the President of Happiness do?  Well, it’s his task to share happiness to Filipinos.  Know more about Happyologist Caloy in this video.

He needs to implement programs that will tickle your happy bones!  But how does he do it?  He’s planning on showering the Philippines with Coke from a helicopter @_@ But that’s a crazy idea!  But who knows, he has several more ideas up his sleeve and maybe you can suggest cool ideas yourself?

Do you want share the happiness?

Check out Caloy’s Facebook and Twitter below and find out what he’s up to!



*This post is sponsored by Coca-Cola.

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