Road Trippin’ Malaysia

Last September 11-14, 2009, I went to Malaysia for the first time.  Technically, I was just in the country for 2 days.  Just enough to meet and greet my long distance friends from Malaysia for the first time!

These guys are my friends from Malaysia and I met them all online.  Yes, we EB’d (eye ball) in Malaysia lol.  I’ve known them for more than two years now and it all started here.  Before there was Facebook and Friendster was getting a little bit “jeje-ish”, I chat on this specific chat room when I was bored at work or in my house 😛

This chat box could be embedded in your blog and what’s great about it is that the url of your blog is linked at the bottom of your every chat.  Shoutout Lounge was previously called  Penang is an island in Malaysia known for its great food 😛 (I am going there this August :P).  Envy me?  Bec a blogger lol.  Through my first years in blogging, ShoutOut Lounge gained me more than just traffic.  It gained me friends and I became a part of a fun community.

These friends of mine from Malaysia will be touring the Philippines finally!  I really wanted to share to them how beautiful the Philippines is.  10 Malaysian bloggers will roam around Northern Luzon.  I’m also looking for sponsors for their trip.  10 bloggers are also photo-journalists in their own way who take the most awesome photos from their annual travels :)  If you are interested to sponsor their trip give me some love mail, and I will tell you what we can do for you :D  With blogs averaging PR3, oh we can do so much!

Anyway, these are just road trippin’ pictures.  I have yet to upload separate blog posts for our trip in Melaka, and my solo trip in KLCC.

By the way, I went to Malaysia ALONE!  My first international trip alone!  How is it so far? Lovely!  But, since I’m a girl… it can be a little bit scary travelling alone.

Anyway, here are pictures of Malaysia ^_^ I couldn’t even believe I went here to meet them already!


Road Tripping Malaysia (17)

Thank goodness I have friends here.  I was sitting pretty inside William’s car.  I didn’t realize that commuting in Malaysia is a bit more difficult than I thought.  The airport from KLCC to the main streets of Malaysia proper takes about an hour.

Road Tripping Malaysia (16)

Woohoo!!! MALAYSIA!!!

Road Tripping Malaysia (15)

I had a nice view from the car.  I knew I had to take pictures of streets and signage that say “Malaysia” or Kuala Lumpur or any popular landmark 🙂

Road Tripping Malaysia (14)

I just realized that Malaysia looked like Manila, Philippines.  The roads and the buildings typically look the sam-ish.  I felt at home.

Road Tripping Malaysia (13)

Except for these structures… you won’t see this in Manila 😛

Road Tripping Malaysia (12)

Malaysia is also Toll heavy like here in the Philippines.

Road Tripping Malaysia (11)

of course, there are many signs that I don’t understad as they are either in Malay or Chinese Characters.

Road Tripping Malaysia (10)

A signage with the Major cities ^_^ wee!  Still, I don’t understand lol

Road Tripping Malaysia (9)

This is Alvin Chew (left) and Aaron Woolala (right).  Aaron is the one driving!  YES!  They drive on the left side of the road and drivers seat at the right side of the car.  British influence.

Road Tripping Malaysia (8)

This is William’s phone 😛 It’s a Nokia E71.  The E71 has a built-in GPS.  William installed a Garmin Software and voiala!  GPS guiding us wherever we go!

Road Tripping Malaysia (7)

I am not sure where to download Garmin map for E71 or E72.  You can install a Garmin software for your E63 too, but you need another phone with GPS and you connect to the other phone’s GPS via bluetooth.

The look of the Garmin map is very similar to the stand-alone GPS device Vince has.

Road Tripping Malaysia (6)

KLANG!!! Klang is very famous for Bah Kut Teh!!! My favorite!

Road Tripping Malaysia (5)

more Malaysia Road photos behind the wind shield…

Road Tripping Malaysia (4)

William gases up!  In Malaysia, you put your own gas to your car just like in the states T_T

I kenot do this lah… I dowan smell like gas or anything and I don’t think I know how to do this.

I’m used to being serviced by people who work for gasoline stations and operate the gas pumps for us 😛

Road Tripping Malaysia (3)

While William is getting some gas, I cam-whore 😛 lazy bum lol

I have shades because I barely had sleep 😛 and we woke up early for Melaka!

Road Tripping Malaysia (2)

Malaysia Flag 😀

Road Tripping Malaysia (1)

Malaysia has different states by the way, just like in the US.  And different states have different individual maps.

I believe this road is in Subang…

More about Malaysia, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, KLCC, Malaysian food and more soon!  I will be uploading a series of my Malaysia trip this week… do watch out 😀



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  1. It’s up!!! :whee:
    I see my car in the 8th photo, the one with the P sticker. XD
    Cant wait for ur next trip to Msia.
    But I’m sad la, cant go to Phil with the gang. T.T

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