Sexy Amber UltraLounge

I know I talk about the Formula 1 a lot but this bar is not to be mistaken as Amber Lounge of F1.  Amber Lounge is Formula One’s Hottest most exclusive party in different countries hosting it.  It’s the party everyone’s looking forward to. The first Amber Lounge in Singapore happened in Conrad Centennial and yours truly was present… well, outside the club (lol)  but still!!! I just felt so lucky to at least have my picture taken there.

Amber Lounge entrance

Look at the happy monkey… I’m a poser!

The first night race held in Singapore, there would be one on Conrad Centennial. This event is attended by the drivers/racers, sponsors, international models and even some hollywood celebrities and musicians – gathering together to wine and dine.  I absolutely want to rub shoulders with these VIPs and meet Kimi Raikkonen up close but it costs 500 euros. Yeah, I can’t afford it for now. I just wish I could win a free pass somewhere, or someone could give me one. This definitely is an addition to my list of things-to-do-before-I-die.

F1 in Manila

Really? F1 in the Philippines? NOT!  Uhmmm… NO!?!

But hypothetically speaking, let’s just say the Philippines made a bid to host the Formula 1 in the Philippines (c’mon we can dream, can’t we), and it is a *street circuit* too like the one in Singapore, I say they would either use the SM Mall of Asia grounds or The Fort.  Or just build a strong track in Subic… Or do we already have a nice track in Subic? not sure…

Anyway, that means we should also have Amber Lounge 🙂 and if ever we do have one, Amber Ultra Lounge is a candidate!

Amber UltraLounge

Meg Party and Maybelline Makeup 05Meg Party and Maybelline Makeup 07

I love being in this club.  The ambiance suits my party soul and the crowd is chic and hip!  I took a pitstop in this bar before I left for Malaysia and guess who I saw… My former officemate Martin who also was a Candy Cutie before!  I hope he’s not reading this, or else I’m dead lol

He was in the magazine together with these guys… He’s big time lol

Before when we were on the same team at work.

After 3 years…

He’s now a CFA (so hard to pass this exam!) and I’m now a certified bum! yaye!

(my arms look big on this angle ugh!)

moving on…

ahh… nicer pictures!

If you do party at Amber, don’t forget to order any Rev and Rave drinks or barchow for a chance to win a trip to Singapore to attend the 2010 Grand Prix Season Singapore and other cool prizes!

Memories at Amber

Amber is very memorable because this was the first time I kissed my boyfriend with everyone watching!  We attended a meg event and they needed a couple to join the contest.  For some reason, the organizers knew us and asked us to join.  For me to win Maybelline products, we needed to have the best kiss…

Meg Party and Maybelline Makeup 04Meg Party and Maybelline Makeup 09

and so we won *Shy* check out my blog post about that here.

Why You Want To Witness F1 Singapore

I have watched the event two years in a row and I still want to watch again.  Check out my F1 archives if you want to know why I love F1 in Singapore and why you should watch it too!

Dont forget that for every purchase of their Rev&Rave drinks or barchow, you have a chance to win a trip to watch the F1 race in Singapore!

To book exclusive airfares and 2010 Formula OneTM Singtel Singapore Grand Prix all-in-one packages, log-on to, or call Red Rock Travel at (632) 738-6614.

To directly purchase race tickets, visit,, or call Racegear at (632) 359-4247.

With so many varied and exciting events during the 2010 Grand Prix Season Singapore, it’s time to experience YourSingapore the way you want to! For more information, visit

ZOOM! It’s gonna get LOUD!

*no grabbing my photos without my permission.

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