Singapore Formula 1 2010 Early Bird Tickets Price and Password

It’s another interesting year for our formula one fans!  There is a growing number of formula 1 fans in the Philippines as well as I have been receiving many emails asking tips and questions and stuff on the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix.  So, here’s another blog post to hopefully answer your questions.  If you have any more additional questions feel free to give some love mail. 🙂

Singapore Formula 1 Bay Grandstand

Singapore Formula 1 Bay Grandstand Picture Best Seat

Looking Back at Singapore 2008 and 2009

I have covered the Singapore Formula 1 event for 2 years already.  My first coverage was the first ever Night Race in the history of Formula 1 and I was there to witness!  Second was interesting for me because I had access to the pit stop! Lucky!!!  Also, I bought a DSLR just for this purpose… I bought a Nikon D40 kit and I bought another 70-300mm G Nikkor lens when I went to Hong Kong and it was just for Formula 1!

Here’s a sample of my awesome shots of the 2009 Formula 1 in Singapore:


The Brawns passing by the Bay grandstand

At the pitstop with the BMW-Sauber practice

Yes… those shots are mine… ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

The Singapore GP Formula 1 2010

To go… or not to go?

This year, it’s another interesting season… a very interesting one indeed.  We won’t be seeing Kimi Raikkonen race though as he has dropped out of Formula 1 and joined the World Rally.  Although, what’s special about this season is the comeback of the super F1 legend Michael Schumacher!  I have not seen him in person yet so this would be the only push I’d have to watch the Singapore GP again this year!

Unless of course there would be sponsors for my trip and if I get a media pass for this event then I would definitely love to cover again.  The only reason why I am thinking of not going is financial constraints huhu.

Special Tickets Email and the Password to Singapore GP 2010 Ticketing

Anyway… It’s a new season and I have received another special email to book my ticket earlier than the “early bird” tickets.  It’s the same price as the early bird ticket really but the advantage is, I could get good seats.  Last year (2009) I was able to get a very good seat at the Bay Grandstand area.  I did not get the best seat but let me tell you about the best seat for grand stand later.

To those who received the special e-mail, you may book now!!! So hurry and get good seats before they open the ticketing to the public!  To those who have not received the email but would really want to buy NOW, then drop me an e-mail through my contact page and I will tell you the password which will only work until March 1!

Brace Yourselves for the Singapore GP 2010 Tickets Price

I have access to the ticketing now and I viewed it of course.  For those who are planning their trip to Singapore now to watch the F1, good for you!!! It’s the way to go to get cheaper tickets and trip!

Below is the chart of the prices from the Singapore GP Ticketing.  Notice that there is a new ticket available “Premiere Walkabout” which is very interesting because it will give you access to all Zones at a lower price.  Notice that I also converted the SGD prices into PHP for my Filipino friends… you need not convert.

Singapore F1 2010 Price converted php

Singapore Formula 1 GP 2010 Map

Here’s the new map.  Last year I compared the 2008 and 2009 Singapore GP map and I was frustrated that the walk-about area was changed on 2009 and had limited access.  This made me decide to purchase a seat at the Bay Grandstand instead.  There is not much difference between the 2010 and 2009 Singapore F1 map on the other hand.  All is basically the same (the zones and gates) except for the Premiere Walkabout tickets that would give access to all zones at a cheaper price.

Here’s the Singapore F1 2010 map:


Want to watch the Singapore GP 2010 on a budget?

Please find some of my posts before on how I watched the Singapore GP 2008 with a PHP 20,000 budget (4 days, 4 nights and Sunday walk-about ticket) and the Singapore GP 2009 with a PHP 30,000 budget (7 days, 7 nights and Bay Grandstand ticket).

Buy Cheaper Singapore GP Tickets

Watching the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix on a budget


Media Pass and Sponsorship

I have been covering the Singapore Grand Prix for 2 years straight and if my financials would allow, I would go again this year.  Unfortunately, I’m running out of moolah and I could not watch this very exciting sporting event again which is very close to my heart, until I get sponsors (tickets, accomodations, airfare, media passes, Digital SLRs and video cams).  If you are interested in sponsoring, kindly contact me at my contact page or email me directly at [email protected] .  I definitely promote my sponsors well on my blog and, depending on the case, I put links and a premiere slot on my sidebar.

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  2. Would you recommend the premier walkabout tickets or the bay grandstand? I’m not sure which to go for out of these two options

  3. I think premier will be better because you have access to all zones which is important because you wouldn’t know who you’ll bump into 😀 Zones 1 and 2 are really good zones

  4. Thanks for sharing a lot of info on F1 Singapore 🙂 I’m planning to watch the race this year but still can’t decide which ticket to buy! It’s going to be my first time to watch and I’ve been saving up since I found out Schumi is back! Hope you can share some insight 🙂

    Should I go for the bay grandstand (which rows/areas are best, and if you have dos and donts please)?

    Should I get the premier walkabout (would i need a kangaroo TV or are there nice locations near a screen)?

    Or just get the regular walkabout AND a kangaroo TV?

    Any comments you can share will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

  5. Hi Hannah, this is good info, I just booked my ‘budget’ trip to SG to watch the race (and tour of course!), and oh, just bought the zone 4 tix. Additional thing that blows is that they don’t offer the single day pass, although there’s news that they will release 5000 raceday tix on a later date when the performances are announced.

    Being an F1 fan for years now, its gonna be my first time to watch the race live! Woohoo can’t wait! Also, I would suggest you go for the Premier Walkabout, it will give you great shots on the race start, and the pits- just my thoughts.. ciao

  6. Hi, there are advantages and disadvantages to different tickets. I would say, the best tickets are the very expensive ones that would cost SGD 3745 **faints**

    If you can’t afford that then I’d give out the advantages and disadvantages but it’s your choice still…

    I am currently writing a separate post to state the best seats, the advantages and disadvantages of different tickets and other tips… including kangaroo TV and the prices…

    Might release the post tomorrow so please come back for that 🙂

  7. yeah… I’m just saddened that they did not release single day tickets anymore unlike the race last 2008 and 2009.

    Premier Walkabout is a very nice ticket indeed. Although it’s priced high as the grandstand, but I’d say I think it will be worth to see other zones as you might bump into celebrities and stuff…

    you might also get to see the AWARDING!!! This will be the first year that they are releasing the premiere walkabouts and I can’t say what it will be like yet… Personally, I’d prefer the Premiere walkabouts if I want to get a chance to take great pictures and just a hopeful chance of meeting some STARS!!! **faints**

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