Smart Netphone 701 Review

Earlier on I blogged about getting to touch the new Smart Netphone firsthand that will revolutionize the way we communicate today. Blog post here.

Credit: Sexy Nomad

I received a unit for loan to review so that I can test further the features of this new SmartPhone!

Let’s jump to the key items that the Smart Netphone has.  I listed them down in bullet points and followed by pictures below.


 Highlights and notes for Smart Netphone

netphone 2Smart Netphone 1

  • The first Netphone is introduced via Netphone 701
  • Netphone 701 is the first of many more models lined up by Smart
  • Costs only P9,999 and the next netphones could get more and more affordable
  • Access your Social Stream via SmartNet where you can link your Facebook and Twitter account for free! This doesn’t include photo uploads and viewing for the free streaming though (not yet)
  • Instant message for Yahoo messenger and Facebook chat all you want for free!
  • You need to maintain P1 load (not so hard to do)
  • If you need to use the internet for browins, there’s always their different affordable prepaid plans depending on your needs (I use Always ON 300)
  • SUPER USEFUL FEATURE: one swipe and you’ll see your running balance (your remaining load for prepaid and usage for plans)
  • Android 2.2 froyo platform – download all the games and apps you want
  • Safe Browse feature – allows you to turn on and off the regular internet feature.  Still, you remain connected to and all SmartNet services
  • Biggest phonebook ever storing your contacts on the web in the cloud.  I love this feature, meaning when your phone gets stolen, you can still recover your phonebook!


Smart Netphone Hardware

netphone 3netphone 4

You can check the full specs of Smart Netphone 701 here.

Smart NetphoneSmart Netphone 701 ReviewSmart Netphone

*click on image to enlarge

All in all, you get a good Android smartphone for only P9,999.  I bought a smartphone (another brand) before that costed around P12,000 as a gift for someone.  I thought it was a steal because of the price but seriously – the brand new phone lagged like crazy!!!  So holding a P9,999 android phone that runs fast, is responsive, large screen and can do the many things an android phone can do (and more) – I’d have to say this is a winner in its price range.


Smart Netphone Software

The Smart Netphone currently runs on Android Froyo plus an inclusion of an exclusive SmartNet services integrated to the phone.  It allows users of the SmartPhone to view their current balance, IM, Facebook and Twitter at zero cost.  Like I noted above, you’d have to maintain at least P1 load though to use this but really, this is not hard to do.

I have tested the IM for a week now and I am enjoying free long-distance text-based conversations with friends.  It works just like sms, but it’s free.  It’s also functions like Blackberry’s BBM.

Netphone software might have some updates and updating is very convenient placing an automatic app to do it for you.  I haven’t received any update notifications yet so I haven’t tested that feature.

It depends from person to person but generally the SmartNet is user-friendly especially to the ones who are familiar with Android phones already.  You might need to get some being used to with the SmartNet integration, registration and how it works.  If you get confused, just head on to their official website that I listed on related links below.

GEDC0024Smart Netphone

Setup was easy

Smart Netphone

The phone is full touch screen.  Tap on the SmartNet button to activate, deactivate internet connection.

When you’re on SmartNet mode, you can access IM Twitter and Facebook without being charged.

Smart Netphone

Switch to Internet mode for full browsing.  This will charge you P10 for 30 mins or whatever plan you have availed

Smart Netphone

 A warning sign if you want to turn on full internet browsing with charges

Smart Netphone

It’s a sample of a status that I seeded through SmartNet network, Twitter and Facebook

Smart Netphone

I had to blur my number of course, but it shows you your load balance if you are prepaid or the amount used if you are post paid.

The Netphone 701 retails for P9 900 and is available free with as low as an P800 postpaid plan.

With the Netphone, Smart expects to trigger a shift for some 30 million online Filipinos to start doing their favorite Internet activities such as social networking and chatting primarily through their mobile device and in bite sized amounts.


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