Social Media and Marketing Slides – Lyceum Northwestern University

Today, I conducted a 30 min talk on Social Media and Marketing at the Lyceum Northwestern University in Dagupan.  The half-day activity is titled “2011 Conference on IT Concepts: A Slice of the Web Today“.


Blogging 101 – Micaela Rodriguez

Social Media and Marketing – Yours truly, Hannah Villasis

Understanding Search Engines – Fitz Villafuerte

Vigilant Net Surfing and Nettiquette – Mr. Gerald C. Bataoil, MIT


It was a great day of learning for everyone, including me.  Thank you for the hearty welcome and the energetic welcome!  The students were very attentive and eager to learn and this inspires all of us speakers to continue sharing what we know about the triple W!

Congratulations to the student organizers, volunteers and faculty members for drafting this successful event!

It was a pleasure speaking in front of everyone.  I hope you all learned a few important things that can change your life and challenge you to Ready.Fire.Aim!


My apologies for submitting the wrong set of slides.  It has been a busy week for me, but do know I took time to prepare this – I think it got me too excited I misorganized my files and sent the wrong version.

Let me make it up to you all and I post here the entire contents of my correct slides 😛 <— I use a lot of emoticons!
Social Media and Marketing – Hannah Villasis Slides
Please feel free to read through again, you can ask me any questions here or if you want to mail me privately, do so at [email protected]



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  1. Thanks for coming with me, Hannah! You truly made a lot of students happy and inspired 😀 Balik tayo soon woot!

    Nice to finally see the real slide and see my photo there nyahaha =)) love you dear! <3

  2. Thanks for sharing these slides! I’ve read thru it and it feels like I’ve attended your talk already hehe. Really nice.

    Social Media is really changing the way how marketing and advertising is done nowadays. The traditional media is overpowered by it. 🙂

  3. Hi Hanchi,

    Thanks for sharing this! 😀 For a few weeks now, I’m thinking of inviting you for an interview on your blogging experience and the how-you-do-it attitude and provide inspiration mn sa akon and sa readers ko in making it to the world of blogosphere.

    Thanks gid for this. As always, I pray for the best pra cmu. Ingtas. Mwah!

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