Sparkle Animation Contact Lenses on SALE

If you’re into dress-up and cosplay, your look wouldn’t be complete without make-up and well, contact lenses to animate your eyes!

Now only for P499

They say the eyes are the window to your soul, and so over the years, people grew conscious of enhancing their looks by concentrating on their eyes. Eye make ups, eye care, and accessories grew popular. Contact lenses came about to do away with eye glasses that more often than not, become hindrances to people who are on the go. But today, contact lenses have come a long way from just being a medical corrective device to cosmetic purposes. 

MSE Optical Sparkle Lens

Aesthetics and cosmetics are one of the most popular motivating factors for people who would like to safely enhance the appearance of their eyes.  This is especially the case for its younger market. There are many wonders that contact lenses can do in achieving different looks.  The entertainment industry has pioneered the use of cosmetic lenses for this purpose.

MSE Optical Sparkle Lens

With Sparkle Animation Contact Lens, have that look for each mood! You can change your look every day! It’s made possible now with its affordable price of P499!  Be hip and cool, and have that tantalizing stare with the different styles that only Sparkle Animation Contact Lens can bring.

photo by Alvin Chua

This supergirl outfit won’t be complete without the blue eyes..



Anyway, check the details here.

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