Flair Candy Surfing Video


My very first surfing video on my 2nd surf experience ever! I want to make surfing in La Union a hobby already — meaning, going there once a month when the waves permit. Though surfing is a seasonal thing here in the Philippines (Nov – Feb), we might still be lucky in some months once a day at least to have a miracle wave coming on our way.

Although it has almost stripped me off my bikini because I didn’t wear any rash guard on the first day of surfing, waves are still a surfer’s friend XD. You should befriend it and be kind to it, and then it must get back at you with the most wonderful surfing experience you’ll ever have.

This is only my 2nd surfing trip and I’m still hiring a surfing instructor to guide me. On my first time of surfing I just wanted to feel the feeling of standing up that board. On this second time around, I have paddled and rode the board all to myself without the guide pushing my board \m/>.<\m/

Still, I don’t know which wave I should ride. The guide still dictates what wave I should ride because I don’t know if it’s safe for me or not. In my next trip, I’m decided to learn how to surf on my own XD… so I need to jog or swim everyday to work out these muscles of mine XD


Good thing Cisqo got this shot! Thank you so much my soulja boy XD This was the time I paddled on my own without the help of the guide and above is the video documenting my success 🙂

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  1. Pingback: hannaherika
  2. haha yes it is kinda heavy, the size is actually not for my body type. it’s an 8ft 6″ long board which you would want to use if the you want to do some trick surf moves or the waves are not that big enough. Long boards are not very good for maneuvering as you can see, it’s a struggle moving it to a right direction (for me that is coz I’m a beginner)

    What’s ideal for my body is a 7ft board. It’s a short board and I have tried riding this and it’s so easy to maneuver 🙂

  3. definitely nan, definitely 🙂 let’s surf na rin! I could never get tired of it, sana lang my wallet can support surf trips every weekend XD

  4. hey Genova, wut’s up? yes you should 🙂 are there nice surf spots in Malaysia? Let me know so that I could visit the beach and become a travel surfer 🙂

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