The Dark Night on IMAX @ MOA

Spotted. H outside Kingswood Arcade, waiting for cab to arrive. Notice the Mc-do and how near it is from where I live.

I look so tan here, I don’t know why… I’m also so blue… Down with the sickness again… I love my Prada bag! but it’s so heavy carrying one! It hurts my back once again… Oh this scoliosis thing has to end… I better go to a chiropractor already – but It’s so expensive 1! Sessions are at every week and price ranges about PHP2,000. Now I was thinking… How many Lenses could I buy with it already If in a year there’s 52 weeks timesing (Martin’s other term for “multiplying“) 2K?

It doesn’t sound original because measuring in lenses is Brian Laborada’s (notice the full name – so that your name could be searched already in google) way comparing things.

Angela however, measures in terms of bags!

Kristel measures in terms of miles and travel destinations!

While Stephen measures in fishes…

Now me, I couldn’t think of anything original except “How many gadgets could I buy with it already?”


so many people @ Mall of Asia! SM Mall of Asia’ (also known as MOA) is the largest shopping mall in the Philippines and is the 3rd largest shopping mall in the world in terms of Gross Leasable Area.

Early arrival @ IMAX Theater, I think we need to eat dessert first.

I am missing Vinz so much! This is the first weekend we got together again after his arrival from L.A. (Notice the “bling” – iLike!) So we did first what we love to do… eat cheesecake at Cheesecake!

Blueberry Cheesecake drools… I love cheesecakes

But I like this one better! It’s called a Pistachio White Cheesecake… It’s simple yet oozing with unique flavour! It looks so beautiful that I don’t want to eat it…

after 20 mins… (yes 20 only) we headed back to IMAX and there got so many employees! I must still say I’m quite lucky to be working at a company who gives free IMAX tickets to all employees *winks* ehemz ehemz…

Poor man… he doesn’t know I’m blogging about him 😛 the screen is too big for me to capture! The whole time the movie was showing, I didn’t know if my heart is still in its right place! I just love how Heath Ledger portrayed the role! He’s the best joker ever! Too bad though, we could see him doing that role only once.

while waiting… there stime for camwhoring!
After the dark knight we went shopping!!! Gadget shopping baby!
It’s so cold in this store!

And Vinz finally buys the Guitar Hero for NDS! See, this is one of the many many reasons why I prefer NDS over PSP. NDS is just so interactive and you can do and play many unique games in it… and now that guitar hero is already portable… I’m just saying this thing is close to being my perfect portable toy!

Oh! BlurJess will love this!!! GG headband for sale!

I had a very exhausting weekend and ’tis time to say Sayonara Orangs!

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  1. blogging about peeps in the office! hahahahaha

    good thing it’s not about the work that we do, otherwise this entry would’ve been so ZZZzzzzzz… 😐

    p.s. baka white balance yung sa unang picture. hehehehe. go buy a 1000D, asap!!! *evil laugh*

  2. ZZZOOOOMGGG! I Couldn’t believe pati dito tini-tempt ako bumili ng 1000D! Wheee!! but yaey! sa wakas! You’re the first one from office to comment here thanks darling! BTW, I gotta post next the super white me in Coffee Bean lolz!

  3. Hey. Easy on the real names!!!

    How can you love NDS? Joni and I always beat you at Mario Kart. Pfft.

    Go 1000D!

  4. @iCalvyn 😛 we both know presentation adds to the yummi-ness! lolz!

    @Stephen: ok ok be more careful… from now on.. I call you skippy here on the net 😛 lolz 1000d will have to wait next year 😛 and yaaaalllloooorrrr!!!! even if I lose “sometimes” I also win! and you can’t beat my distraction tactics 😛

  5. spotted ‘blurjess’. haha~
    not too late i guess? 😛
    GG headband for sale..look nice! I don’t usually wear headband..maybe i should start rite now. HAHA!


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