The Lucky Girl

I’ve been taking creative writing class with Aileen Santos at the Modern Academy at Burgos Circle, The Fort 🙂

I always love writing – hence I started blogging. And even when I was a kid, I always kept a journal or a diary. And I had a notebook full of made-up stories. I don’t know where it is now because we often moved houses.

This class really helped me put structure to my writing. I love free-writing but I believe that my readers would appreciate more if it has more flow 😀

Anyway, our first assignment was to make our own Fairy Tale story. I will post that on my blog too soon… but for now, here’s a parable I wrote on my own. It’s our second assignment!

I can’t believe it! I’m writing stories now!


Lucky Girl
By Hannah Villasis

A girl always thought she has an amazing gift! That is, a gift of luck. She couldn’t complain, but often wondered why she’s always so lucky. In almost every situation, she gets what she desires. She got the lead role for the play, got elected as class president and was cheer captain of their squad. On top of that, she has many friends and has always lived a positive life.

At last, their final results for the exam are out. Failing the exam means one cannot take the course and must shift to another. As she approached the bulletin board, she saw some friends weeping.

She let the board clear before she searched for her name.

Of course she passed! She’s lucky.

The teacher passed by and said “Congratulations.”

I feel bad for my classmates who didn’t make it, said the girl. Why can’t they be as lucky as me?, she asked.

The teacher replied, “There is no such thing as luck my dear. I’ve seen your passion for everything that you love to do and the hard work you put through every role, every task. You make your own luck. It’s like making a wish but you yourself made it happen.

She paused and reflected on what the teacher said and it took her a moment to realize that the teacher was right.



In case you are interested in taking Aileen’s creative writing class, check out their banner below 🙂

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  1. This is one of the lamest stories I’ve read. Did a 12-year old write this? No consistency in tense, even. I’m not so sold on the workshop now.

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