The Singapore Chicken Rice in the Philippines

You know why I’m travelling around asia… It’s because it’s fun, it’s awesome and best of all I love the food!  I have been in and out of Singapore and I keep coming back because I miss the street food and hawker centers!  Of course, how can I forget the milk tea?

Sometimes, I am just craving for authentic Singaporean street food but I could just not find my satisfaction here in the Philippines.

When I heard that there’s a Singapore Chicken Rice blogger event, I begged Vince to drag me there with him!

singapore chicken rice 01

As we arrived, I almost ignored the other bloggers 😛 I was so excited that when I entered I immediately looked at the menu! Nasi Lemak, White Chicken Rice, Laksa and that Dinosaur drink looked very very luring!  When I realized that I was not the only person there in the restaurant, I said “hi” and mingled with the other bloggers.


They served the White Chicken Rice first as this is their specialty of course!  The rice looks plain in the pictures but as you can see, there’s this glossy texture to it.  The rice is made with natural chicken oil and the aroma is so good… It tastes even better than it smells!  They served the white chicken rice with hiananese sauce.  I am not a fan of this sauce really and did not eat much to it.  The first sauce (yellow) is made out of ginger… the taste is really distinct.  The second sauce (red orange) seems to have tomato and some chili.  Anyway, I tried the chicken with the sauce but did not eat much on it.  I ate the white chicken, which is steamed (healthy!), with only the chicken rice and I was super satisfied with the taste.  The chicken rice meal is also served with veggies on the side and a soup only for P99!

singapore chicken rice 03

steamed chiken

singapore chicken rice 07

hiananese sauce

singapore chicken rice 06

White Chicken Rice (P99)


Next they served some Curry Chicken sauce.  We passed it around to taste the curry sauce and poured some on our chicken rice.  Their curry sauce is made of real curry leaves and not those powdered ones.  They actually get this outside of the Philippines as there is not much curry leaves here.

(i forgot to take pictures – stay tuned for my 2nd blog post about this)

Curry Chicken combo (P78)

The next dish is the Laksa noodles.  There are different kinds of Laksa.  The one I tasted in Malaysia is the “Asam Laksa.”  I don’t know what it means and how it’s supposed to differ but it tasted a bit different here.  Their laksa is cooked with the Filipino taste in mind adjusting the flavours to our taste.  The soup is not as spicy as well as compared to the laksa in Singapore or Malaysia

singapore chicken rice 12


Laksa (P75)


As if our stomachs were not full yet, they served Pancit Chino.  The noodles is very different from what we ordinarily use here in the Philippines.  It is stir fried with egg which produces a great appetizing aroma.

singapore chicken rice 17

Pancit Chino combo (P55)

The one dish I have been dying to eat since I arrived at the restaurant is the Nasi Lemak!  It’s actually a Malay dish.  I have been dying and craving for this for months already! It’s a good thing Shyan served us with the Nasi Lemak next!  He explained how the dish should be eaten.  We pinoys love to separate our food.  But when eating this meal, we must mix every ingredient with the rice to experience it.  Did I mention that this meal only costs P35?  It is usually good for breakfast!  and since I am a heavy breakfast eater… this is a sure winner!  I hope I can have it delivered to my house just at that instant!  The Nasi Lemak’s rice is special as well as they put coconut oil in it.  You will notice once you smell the food, the aroma is very distinct.  On the side, they have dilis, chili sauce, peanuts and eggs.  It must be wierd hearing peanuts being mixed with rice… but it tastes really good on this meal!

singapore chicken rice 15

singapore chicken rice 21

Nasi Lemak (P35)


Dessert time!!!  This desert is not yet on their menu as they will launch this new menu next month.  This sweet treat is called “Oni.”  This is a famous Chinese dessert and if you eat this anywhere else, this is expensive.  I asked about the price of it here but Shyan said they haven’t discussed the pricing yet as this is a new product to be launched.  He then said, this must be cheaper than the ones being sold in Singapore and anywhere else.  The Oni is made of real gabi mashed and sweetened.  On it’s side is ube ice cream… This dessert is fantastic as it is not super sweet unlike other desserts.  and I am not a fan of super sweet desserts.

singapore chicken rice 13

Oni (price TBA)


The food trip didn’t end here.  Just when everyone is saying their goodbyes, I still could not take my eyes off that “Dinosaur” in the menu.  The event is supposedly over but I bought the Dinosaur drink 😛 The sad thing though is that I had it prepared “to-go” (for take-out) so the picture below is not that nice.  It’s actually a chocolate chiller made of Milo topped with Milo powder overload!  The mix of the drink is just awesome and I boldly said to another blogger that this tastes better than the chocolate signature frap in Starbucks!  (that’s just me but seriously… I almost **fainted** with goodness)  The powdered Milo on top actually gives texture to the drink… as the mix is super cold already with crushed ice and cold water, the powder can’t be really dissolved anymore – thus giving a nice texture.

singapore chicken rice 25

singapore chicken rice 26

Dinosaur P60

Anyway, you have to go there and taste it to believe it!  Me and Vince actually went back the second time around after 2 days.  We were craving for that curry chicken rice and nasi lemak and dinosaur that we had to go back there.  I have better shots of the Dinosaur (unlike above).  Will make a separate post about our second time around.  Anyway… do visit Singapore Chicken rice, details are found below.

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singapore chicken rice 24

singapore chicken rice 23

singapore chicken rice 22

Blog Posts about Singapore Chicken Rice

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Singapore Chicken Rice

Unit 00051 Shopwise Arcade, GenRoxas Ave.

Brgy. Socorro, Araneta Center,

Cubao, Q.C.

opens at 7am to 10pm daily

Delivers for free with a minimum order of P300


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  1. sama mo naman ako sa mga food blog events mo 😛 have you tried makansutra at the ocean park? kumain kami dun pero the food is not too authentic for me.

  2. Oh I need to get a hold of that Dinosaur drink. I ate Milo like a polvoron when I was a kid. LOL! I’m sure I had energy overload then. I used to be so put off with white chicken because I thought that it lacked flavor and color. But it’s really good! Thanks for sharing =)

  3. Oh no! This blog post just got me really hungry. But too bad I’m fasting right now. Huhu.

    Btw, it’s good to know that Singapore Chicken Rice has finally landed in the Philippines. At least you guys get to experience & taste the food we have in Singapore & Malaysia since the food is very much the same in both country.

    There are actually different types of ‘laksa’, here in Malaysia we have those famous ‘Penang Asam Laksa’ and ‘Sarawak Laksa’. ‘Asam’ or ‘masam’ means Sour in Malay language. We like having it spicy with lots of chilli here.

    Would love to check out this outlet when I’m there!;)

  4. I am not sure if Singapore has this outlet! Never noticed it before but it is definitely in Sarawak 🙂

    Curry Laksa, Sarawak Laksa, Assam Laksa! As long as its laksa, its good! 😀

  5. meron ba sa mall of asia ng singapore chicken rice? grabe ka mizz yang pgkain na yan d best tlga!!! at yung hokkien mee

  6. my husband and i visited this restaurant yesterday at shopwise cubao complex…..we were SSOOSOOOOO DISAPPOINTED….the serving size is so little (even less than food court serving sizes!)..the actual food served is nowhere similar to its pictured menu..the pancit chino had none of the vegetables nor shrimp like their picture in their menu…the adobo was so dark , I thought it was dinuguan..but i guess this is to camouflage the fact that the pieces were mostly fat, the white chicken was so little i hardly had anything, the 2 piece satay that costs 60 peoss without rice is not even worth 20 pesos since it was 2 small cubes plus a chunk of fat per stick!…the only one i recognized from their menu picture is the laksa..the mee goreng pancit was looked like tha pancit street vendors sell and put in a plastic bag, it had nothing in it but a few noodle strands and cut up leeks and chilis (walang laman! unlike the picture)..worst its even less in serving size! the 2 pc roast chicken tasted good but the serving size was so small that they had to cut each piece in half to flatten it out to make it look bigger…and all these was supposed to be 600 pesos worth!, oh we had 1 glass of coke too!…i wonder if the owners have actually eaten here …this is not only halfway robbery but a shame to singaporean cuisine!

  7. Tried it. Was disappointed 🙁 Came back from Singapore and was craving for chicken rice. When I tried this chain in Cubao, it wasn’t what I expected. Serving size was small, and the meal was a bit bland. I had to keep adding the sauce (which I don’t normally do) just there’d be a flavor of some sort. I saw the owner, she looked Singaporean, I hope she does something about the state of her business.

  8. So sorry to hear your bad experience. I guess to each his own the chicken was perfect for me, I didn’t have to pour sauce even. I think we pinoys are just so used to really salty and flavorful delights. I have to agree with the serving though that it is not as generous but you get this for a budget price of 99. Maybe I’ll suggest to them to have a single order chicken rice instead of the meal.

    To me the chicken and the rice was perfect. It’s my friend’s favorite who is so addicted to chicken, although, he will have to order 2 servings just for himself.

    They also use the most natural ingredients and I’ve tried other chicken rice in some restos in the Philippines and I only taste msg and very artificial flavoring. Their chicken rice actually tastes the closest to some of the chicken rices I order in Singapore. They are usually bland especially when steamed.

    Anyway, I appreciate your thoughts, will suggest a single serving size chicken rice to the owners if I drop by soon. And yes, they are Singaporeans so most of the dishes they serve are authentic.

  9. their adobo is called Singapore adobo. It’s not really the adobo we usually taste in the Philippines. Their dishes are mostly designed for budget meals but they still use authentic Singaporean ingredients.

    So sorry to hear your bad experience, but do let me know if you have any suggestions. I see people want larger servings of the chicken rice, but it’s on the budget price of P99 with rice and soup. Anyway, the only suggestion that I can tell the owners is to have a single sized serving of Chicken rice (not the buddget meal size) for people to enjoy more.

    Thanks for the insights

  10. I live in Cubao and have eaten in this restaurant a few times. This restaurant is not really that great. I ate here several times because each time I would try something new, expecting that it would be better than the one I ate before. Unfortunately, every dish I’ve tried has not really satisfied me. I have tried the singaporean white chicken, the satay, nasi lemak and another dish i cant remember individually on different occasions The serving size for all these dishes were really small – smaller than the usual serving in most restaurants. The flavor was also disappointing. For a restaurant that claims to be Singaporean owned it fails to deliver the authentic flavors of Singaporean cuisine. I have eaten in other restaurants that serve Singaporean cuisine here and abroad and I can say that this restaurant doesnt quite deliver.

  11. Hi I was wondering if you could help me get in touch with the owners of Singapore Rice Chicken? I’d like to send them a complaint letter regarding the Laksa soup that i ordered that had a dead spider in it. I talked to their manager and asked for their email address but she gave me two email addresses that are non-existent. This was a very disappointing experience for me. Hope you can give me contact details.

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