The year 2008 summary


Every blogger has a year-end post and I thought I’d jump into this bandwagon…

So, I don’t want to bore you all with the heavy details in my life (though I am so tempted to), because I think my life is interesting (to me at least…)… hehe but just to let you know, I have had the most mood swings in my life this 2008.   From being goofy to happy, clumsy, half-autistic, neutral, indifferent, pessimistic, optimistic, workaholic, blogaholic, shopaholic, gadget-a-holic (for lack of better word), to draining my bank account, to having my heart broken and went suicidal, to finding my true love and my soulmate, to meeting new fantabulous friends from Malaysian, Singapore, India, Australia, US, and Pinoy Blogosphere, to my awesome career (I love my job I love my job I love my job) which I can’t blog about here, to the old and new friends, to friendship that stands strong, from hating spicy food to loving it, to experiencing new adventures… and many more…


Early in January I had my first Belo experience… I had my mole removed.  During April, I thought I almost had cancer.  I love hospitals… (I am weird)  Anyway, after that major surgery, I was amazed at the surgical procedures and I overcame my fear of blood and needles already!!!  This was what hindered me to take med before… But, during my recovery time, I watched a lot of House M.D., Grey’s Anatomy and Nip Tuck that I thought I wanted to go to Med School… I had a long thinking process about deciding if I really would want to… I even talked to my boss about it because I was so serious about it… But the end result and I decided first week of May that I would not push through with it…


I told you I think my life is interesting… so I thought of starting a blog — anonymously…

Why FLAIR CANDY?  That’s supposedly my annonymous nickname…  There are many search results on Kung fu Candy and Midnight Miss Suki on google, but Flair Candy – is only unique to me :D  Brilliant! :P  Click here if you want to know more about flaircandy.

I can’t disclose the main reason why I blogged in the first place because it’s controversial 😛 so just drop some mail love here to me if you really wanna know.

Shout out Lounge

Ever wonder why I speak “Singlish” or “Engrish” sometimes?  Why some of my plurks include Bahasa Malaysian texts?  That’s because I got awesome Malaysian friends \m/>.<\m/.  I dedicated one blog post for them before.

Pinoy Blogosphere

At first I really didn’t know that there are many Pinoy bloggers.  I mean I only know that pinoy bloggers are really professional bloggers and don’t blog like me (I blog about non-sense stuff that crosses my mind).

Well, thanks to shoutoutlounge for letting me gain new friends in Malaysia, who happened to have placed Nuffnang ads on their blogs, and got me excited when I heard rumors of Nuffnang coming in the Philippines, and I made a controversial post about it, on which that post was found by Jehz on google search, then he found out I got plurk, then I added his friends and so on and so forth and I found many many pinoy bloggers in the process!!!  Then Jehz and Winston got me in wordcamp as a walk-in (my first event ever attended) then they introduced me to different bloggers by their URLs.

Anyway, really long story but my point here is… My life went more interesting when I met my blogger friends… *tears*

Jehz and Winston have always been saving my ass in the blurrifying world of html tags and css codes!  Jehz of hosts my blog (my sponsor if you guys don’t know that yet).   Winston, saved my site from being hacked by dubaiboy!  I got hacked 3 freakin times!!! … from different kind of hackers!  But I’m super glad I have them — two bodyguards of weeee!


[ad#hlink] I could not just count the events I have attended for this year…  Social Candy, I aym…

The events I have attended are so many… please check out this link for a complete list of albums of blog events for 2008!

I think that’s it for now… I have written this way before but I didn’t post it yet because I have so much to put in here!  This is just a blast from my not-so-past!  So, thank you to all who have touched my life,

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  1. We are happy to have you in the blogosphere weee I really enjoyed hanging out with you and all the girl talks 😛

    Let’s hangout one of these days and tell me the secret behind “Flair Candy” 😀

    Midnight Miss Suki reminds me of Posh Spice wee 😀

  2. @mica yep midnight miss suki is posh spice! kung fu candy is emma bunton =D

    @jehz wait lang may tinatry lang ako. Gusto ko kse mas kita ang travel and tech segment ko

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