Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join the Next Nestea Fit Camp

From the 22nd of April to the 24th of the year 2010, Nestea held the Nestea Fit Camp Hot in Boracay were they sent athletes and their teams to the summer island capital – Boracay.  Also, 10 finalists of the Nestea Fit Camp Hotties were flown to Boracay to conclude their final judgment with  one male and one female hottie to be chosen as Nestea’s new ambassadors for the year.

Apart from that, Nestea held a kick-ass victory party on the last day of activities.  My top 10 reasons to join the next Nestea Fit Camp Hot were based on this party of awesomeness.  Having been a writer and blogger for sites like and, I’ve been invited to many events and many parties, so finding events that can still catch my amazement are few and far between. I can absolutely say that this has been one of the best parties I’ve ever been to!


Fun and Furious, Exhilarating Yet Very Relaxing Beach Sports

Nestea Fit Camp Hot Day 2 - Beach Sports Photography (44)

The beach sports around the fine sands of Boracay are always intense! I sure had a lot of fun watching those summer abs flex in front of me.  Moreover, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the girls playing beach volleyball, touch football and ultimate frisbee on their bikinis;  it made Boracay even hotter!  Nestea sure knows how to bring in the right crowd to the summer island paradise!  Seeing healthy bodies all around serves as an inspiration to me to have a healthy, well-toned lifestyle.

Boracay is easy to fall in love with thanks to the crowd, the beach, the white sand, the sun, the reggae music, the water activities, the beach sports, the food and the locals who greet you warmly with their smiles.  So, no matter how hot the weather is or how tiring the games are, it’s still one relaxing environment to be in.  Best of all, you’re surrounded with Nestea Fit Tea stations everywhere to cool down, relax, refresh and rehydrate.

Nestea brought so many sports to frome Camp Hot Manila to Camp Hot Boracay. In keeping with tradition, the NESTEA Beach Volley Tournament continued in its 14th year and it brought in the best and brightest collegiate schools for intense competition. On top of that, they added Ultimate Frisbee and Touch Football Tournaments and a Beach Basketball court was open to all comers.The games were fun to watch and as a budding photographer, I enjoyed taking action photos of the athletes and the celebrities who played in the different games.

Nestea painted the whole stretch of Boracay with red and their message was clear “Live a Healthy and Fit lifestyle!” I’ll need to add that to my life mantras instead of my usual, “Live a fabulously FlairCandy sweet life!”

Nestea Fit Camp Hot Day 2 - Derek Ramsay and Hotties (34) Nestea Fit Camp Hot Day 2 - Derek Ramsay and Hotties (31) Nestea Fit Camp Hot 2010 Day 2 – Beach Sports Photography Nestea Fit Camp Hot Day 2 - Derek Ramsay and Hotties (2) Nestea Fit Camp Hot Day 2 - Derek Ramsay and Hotties (43) Nestea Fit Camp Hot Day 2 - Beach Sports Photography (24) Nestea Fit Camp Hot Day 2 - Beach Sports Photography (25) Nestea Fit Camp Hot Day 2 - Beach Sports Photography (33) Nestea Fit Camp Hot Day 2 - Beach Sports Photography (36) Nestea Fit Camp Hot Day 2 - Derek Ramsay and Hotties (42)


Dancing with the Philippine All-Stars

Club Paraw - Nestea Fit Camp Hot Victory Party (59)

The Philippine All Stars danced to the official music of Nestea Fit (TV Commercial) which are being played on their website and all around YouTube.  Check out that video here.

Anyway, the victory party was graced by the Philippine All-Stars who danced to the tunes of “I Got A Feeling” and “Imma Be” by the Black-Eyed Peas, “Bad Boys For Life” by P. Diddy, “Little Freak” by Usher and “I Can Transform Ya” by Chris Brown.

At the end of the night, this FlairCandy got to dance with them on the stage!  They were so cool and I was so enthused to be there on with them!  My favorite Philippine All-Star is Joshua Barlis who I had a long chat with at the party and who invited me to dance in the middle of the stage…

Club Paraw - Nestea Fit Camp Hot Victory Party (65) Club Paraw - Nestea Fit Camp Hot Victory Party (66)

Joshua Barlis drawing a star with his fingers

They know how to party and to get the crowd to dance!

Frat Pack

The Frat Pack, with Lambert, Mike and Tracey, hosted the awesome show as they brought life to the stage.  I had the chance to meet them at the after party in Mandarin Hotel Boracay and I just wanted to confirm that they are indeed a frat pack of fun people. Events should always have hosts as fun as this threesome!

DSC02079 Mike, Tracy, Me and Lambert

Camp Hotties

The Nestea Fit Camp Hot won’t be complete without the Hotties!  Semifinalists, inclusive of  five girls and five guys, were sent off to Boracay for final judging. One of the contestants, Michael Mellendez has been one of my long-time friends back in college. That night, at the final judging and announcement of winners, he was so nervous that we made sure to party it up to calm him down. We danced and partied the night away.

Furthermore, I noticed a bond that developed between the hotties. Call it a hottie bond if you want, but it was fun to watch these contestants compete againts each other yet still have sportsmanship. Off the stage they were friends and family. A friendship evolved from the time they started out at the Global City for the Fit Camp until the last day of the challenge.

Club Paraw - Nestea Fit Camp Hot Victory Party (20)

Samantha Purvor and Jome Silayan are the new ambassadors of Nestea.  They both deserve the title and the other contestants fairly did well throughout as well.

I wonder if having “flair” and eating “candy” counts as living well and eating right. Maybe I need to make a few tweeks to my “FlairCandy” diet plan. I need to shape up my lifestyle so that I can join this competition in the future.

Derek Ramsay – Fitness Icon

Who wants abs, tall, dark, handsome and did I mention abs?

Nestea Fit Camp Hot Day 2 - Derek Ramsay and Hotties (21)

It’s all on Derek Ramsey.  I was so glad that he was there to be a model to all athletes and spectators.  I also had a special interview with Derek Ramsay together with Karen of  We talked to him about being a fitness icon in the Philippines.  He mentioned that sports in general has been his thing ever since he was a kid.  He believes that people should be in sports rather than lurk into other unhealthy hobbies.

Joem Bascon


Who wants both Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby in one face?  Well, Joem Bascon has it!  This newly emerging actor has been gaining popularity throughout the industry.  He has been known to be a Piolo Pascual or a Sam Milby look-a-like, but he has been oozing a character of his own.  His presence was very much welcomed by the crowd and the people who paused and took photos with him.

DJ Nina

Nestea Fit Camp Boracay Day 1 Dinner Party (8)

Hot girl DJ!  That’s all I can say.

I’m used to seeing guys DJ for clubs and events.  When I saw that a girl is spinning, I felt proud for her to be there on stage. Girl power baby! She played cool music in a sexy bikini top.  It made me go gaga for her because I love girls working unique jobs.

Club Paraw

Club Paraw - Nestea Fit Camp Hot Victory Party (5)

Club Paraw is one of the places you’d go to Boracay if you want to party!  The bar also stretches out nicely and has a wide shoreline that was perfect for the Nestea Fit Camp’s Victory Party!





Parokya ni Edgar

Club Paraw - Nestea Fit Camp Hot Victory Party (49)

The presence of Parokya ni Edgar was actually appreciated by the locals.  They said that they needed a shift from the usual sounds of Boracay.  They loved having a Filipino rock band for a change.  Parokya ni Edgar drove the crowd rowdy and got them in the mood to party!

The PARTY and the Nestea Team

Partying is all about fun and celebration!  I know for sure that the Nestea events in Boracay last April 22 – 24 were very very organized!  To handle athletes, crews, production teams, talents, artists and media was a pretty challenging job but Nestea was smooth enough to bring it in and give a kick-ass party all the way!

Congratulations Nestea and the Team for a very successful summer event!

Club Paraw - Nestea Fit Camp Hot Victory Party (28) Club Paraw - Nestea Fit Camp Hot Victory Party (36)

With the cool people of Nestea Ogge Unson and Bombo Pasicolan

Indeed it was one fit and fun summer with Nestea.  With all the activities, events and parties they came up with this year, you should not miss next year’s fun.  Also, you’d get your dose of Nestea Fit with L Carnitine that is surely one trend in the beverage industry and an ingredient for staying fit in our daily lives.

It was the most refreshing weekend ever!

What NOW?

It’s not over guys… it was just a beginning of more awesomeness to come.  If you were at the event and you are searching for photos or videos, please do check out their Facebook official page.  To those who are “inggit” and want to come to the next Nestea Fit Camp, stay updated with the official Nestea PH page.

You can find all pictures of the Nestea Fit Camp Hot 2010 in Boracay here.  You can also watch the 6 minute video coverage of the Nestea Fit Activities on

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