Top Reasons Why Windows Live Writer Rocks!

I have been using Windows Live Writer for the longest time 🙂

Ever since I got introduced to the Windows Live Writer, I have been writing my blog posts through it.  Nothing is much easier now than to have Windows live writer as one of the tools you use for blogging.

Top reasons why I love Windows Live Writer.

1.  Easy to setup.  You don’t need to be an html/css/php guru to understand and learn how to use it.  Even my little sister could do this on her own.

2. It supports many blog platforms.  Blogspot (the one I am using for this blog), Livejournal, Xanga,, simply wordpress, wordpress self hosted blogs and many more.

3.  You can blog offline.

4.  It automatically uploads the photos for you.

5.  You can crop, edit, rotate pictures while blogging inside Windows Live Writer.

6.  You can add your watermark in your photos.

7.  You can add different kinds of frames for your pictures and videos

8.  Adding a photo album has never been easy.

9.  Easy editing for your hyperlinks.  Easy options like you can have the link open to a new window, set up a no follow, add more captions etc.

10.  add maps easily!

11. Tables are a headache in html-ing… this one, Windows Live Writer creates a better table for you.

12.  Easy switching from “Edit” view to your actual blog’s “Preview” to viewing your “Source” code.

13.  The source code looks neat!

14.  You can preview your blog’s template.

15.  Last but not the least, it’s so easy to use yet it has many advanced options!

Download your very own Windows Live Writer now and check out the application for your own good 😛 It’s free!



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  4. That’s true! I recommended a lot of new bloggers to this too .. one of those truly well done product from Microsoft that I am proud to share it with others 😀

  5. Hannah! I don’t know where to put this comment eh hehe. I saw you in the lastest ish of Yes mag! Yihaaa pang mag ka na rin! Di lang pang broadsheet hehe! Yung pics nyo abt Vaseline promo yung andun, page 21 just in case. Wala lang natuwa lang ako nung nakita kita hihi 😉

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