Touchdown Malaysia: Penang and KL

I have been to KL a year ago and it was my first time traveling  outside the Philippines alone.  I was only there for about exactly 48 hours (2 days) and I just had little time to stroll around.  I only went around Subang, Klang for some Bah Kut Teh,  KLCC to take my picture with the Petronas Towers and south to Melaka.

I have heard of the yummy Penang Island Smile with tongue out *drools* The first few people I got to know in Malaysia were in Penang and now I’d love to call them friends Smile And if you may ask where I got to have many friends in Malaysia, it’s all because of this. Open-mouthed smile I really love these guys.  I know that I’ve only gotten to know most of them online, but I feel like I’ve known them for years.  They also came by the Philippines to say Hello Smile I blogged all about it here.  Actually, I just realized… I blogged a lot about them.  Pretty much, they have influenced me a lot I guess when it comes to blogging.  They were also the first blogger friends I had. Nerd smile

Okay lah, time to blog about me and Ed’s jet-setting adventure to Penang and KL!

Ed and I booked tickets like a year ago Laughing out loud Why? Coz they were only for Php 621 (to and fro KL).  Cebu Pacific went ZERO fare and I believe this has been the most inexpensive ticket I have ever bought!  A few days after, Air Asia went super sale too!  And so we bought tickets from KL to Penang.  They were selling a ticket each for only RM 19 all in (RM 19 = Php 266 – ish). BINGO!

After a year…

(well almost)

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (133)

I was on my car on the way to NAIA 3 and look at the weather… @_@

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (135)

At the airport… I got hungry so I ate a little bit of unique donuts from Mister Donut.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (136)

I got lazy taking pictures of myself.  Also, at that time, I felt ugly so no pictures la la la… Smile with tongue out

anyway, I took pictures of these tips I found on Smiles magazine Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (137)

This one too… I was planning on following this but… I got lazy and tired too because I brought some work with me while on vacation.

We left NAIA 3 at around 10-ish (can’t remember well)

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (4)

and… touchdown LCCT yaye!  It was around 1:30 am then

Ed was busy checking stuff via LCCT’s wifi.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (5)

We got sooooooo hungry and it was so bad for both our diet

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (6)

I still felt ugly but what the heck… *click* Embarrassed smile

I ate a cheeseburger meal by the way which cost RM 11 (P 160) @_@

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (7)

Ed ate Spicy Chicken burger thingy… It was so spicy he was sweating like crazy XD

We had to wait for 5 hours for our next flight to Penang.

Tune Hotels is just nearby and had I known they had a 3-hour resting promo thingy then I would have booked a room and slept.

But, I didn’t know that so we waited at LCCT *faints*

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (139)

Of course after 4 hours of waiting I got hungry again and ate something… Chrysanthemum tea is my favorite tea of all time and I love the Iced tea better!

I don’t know why but I can’t seem to find Chrysanthemum teas here in the Philippines so I often buy them when I’m abroad.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (140)

I didn’t know what was wrapped in this banana leaf when I bought it and I was surprised –

It’s Nasi Lemak wee! (bought everything at RM 10 or Php P145) @_@ expensive!

Nasi Lemak is like their favorite breakfast meal consisted of Rice steamed with coconut oil.

On the side are anchovies (Dilis) and shrimp paste (kinda like bagoong with tomato sauce and chili)

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (141)

Oh yaye boarding time!

I guess we were so tired by then that we got grumpy over AirAsia.  There were around 20 planes on dock and we had a hard time looking for our own plane.

We almost went to the wrong plane which was supposed to go to Johor Bahru (south of Malaysia near Signapore).

We spent like around 30 minutes looking for the plane.  It wasn’t only me and Ed, the entirety of us passengers got lost lol

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (142)

haaaaa… finally we found ze plane to Penang!

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (143)

okay I look so demn tired at this time as you can see but I can still manage to smile as always Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (145)

In flight Open-mouthed smile Beautiful sunrise ^_^

I seem to notice that sunrise and sunsets are more colorful in the Island of Penang

they also call it “Pearl of the Orient”

and as you know, the Philippines is also “Pearl of the Orient”

no wonder I can relate so much with the people in Penang Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (148)

Touchdown Penang!

We were supposed to take a cab as Satkuru suggested which should only cost about RM 60 – RM 70 I believe ( I can’t remember)

But, we were a little bit adventurous and we took the bus for only RM 2.70

We took the bus 401 which should take us to the Jetty port Bus station which is on the rightmost part of the map below Open-mouthed smile

Jetty means we’re near Georgetown (near TuneHotels)

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (149)

When we arrived to Jetty, we took another bus (Bus 101 Php 1.3) that took us directly to Tune hotels.

So, if ever you’re visiting Penang and you’re on a budget, and you’re wondering how to get from Penang International Airport to Tune Hotels (

then, just follow what we did. Open-mouthed smile Bus 401 to Jetty Port.  Another bus 101 to Tunes Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (8)

So how many hours now no sleep ah?

I still managed to flash a smile for the camera


Open-mouthed smile

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  1. I don’t suggest you travel alone. I travelled alone from Philippines but I had friends in Malaysia. If you want to travel alone it’s good as long as you don’t go to shady places and don’t travel much at night 😀

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