Tron Legacy Sexy Neon Leather Suits

I just finished watching Tron Legacy with Vince and I must say – I was looking for more.  I am such a big geek but I haven’t seen the original 1982 Tron movie until mid this year because I wasn’t born yet in 1982.  Back in the day, a lot of people discriminate geeks and nerds too – but not these days.  Everyone knows that GEEKS RULE!

I prepared for Tron Legacy by watching the original 1982 Tron movie beforehand.  I was so impressed with the technology even at 1982.  Back then, there was no internet yet (I think) no WiFi and all of the things we have now were just starting to get invented back in the day.  But still, impressive graphics back then.

Fast forward 20 years after, I say the graphics is awesome!!!  I saw it in the trailers first and I had goosebumps all over.  The cyber world looked so COOL that I wanted to visit it myself.  Anyway, with the eye-candy graphics came a poor storyline.  To me it was weak and lacking depth – I was looking for more.

But despite that, I still say, it’s a must-watch movie.  Who wants to miss seeing Olivia Wilde wearing a sexy Neon Leather suit together with other sexy “robot” / “program” girls inside the cyber world.

Here’s Tron then and now

Tron Bikes

on left is the original “Tron”. on the right is Sam Flynn

Sexy ladies in jumpsuits are always present in Tron.

Watched Tron yet?  What do you think?

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