Valentine’s Day: Flowers and Fuerza Bruta

Wow, Valentine’s Day was very tiring for me! It started out with me and my teammates personally delivering flowers to random people on Twitter.

This is me waiting for our deliverees 😛

Then, I braved the traffic and rushed to Manila Hotel Tent to watch the premiere of Fuerza Bruta! It was packed with celebrities, artists and people who celebrated Valentine’s day in a unique way.

Unique is an understatement! Fuerza Bruta was beyond that! I felt so involved with their performance! I don’t really know if I can describe what I’ve experienced in words but it’s like this: it’s like an interactive club. It’s not like theater. There weren’t any chairs and you move around a huge space to experience the show. The stage keeps moving and there’s even a stage just right above you!

People dancing above you!

I must say, I was high with endorphin during the show. The dancers are from Argentina I believe (not sure) and we couldn’t understand them, and they couldn’t understand us either. It seemed like they turned Anger into ART – something fun and playful!

…at Fuerza Bruta!

It was something I have never experienced before. I will blog more details but I don’t want to post a lot of pictures about it because I want you to experience it for yourselves!

At the end of the very busy day, all my tiredness went away because of this:

He knows how much I love flowers!
Thank you 🙂 You know who you are <3

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