Video Recap of Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas Halftime Super Bowl

I am not really into guys bumpin’ each other trying to steal the ball of another but the longer I watch the NFL games, the more interesting they get and the more I get hooked watching it.  American football isn’t that popular here in the Philippines.  Soccer is getting a little bit more attention due to the Azcals but for people who really don’t follow football, you have to at least watch the entertainment!

Two things I look forward to watching the Super Bowl other than the game itself: Half Time entertainment and the Super Bowl Commercials.

Well, first of all the Packers won the game today but let me share the other entertainment and the feedback it got from the crowd.


Christina Aguilera and Lea Michele singing the National Anthem and America the Beautiful

Here is the video of Christina Aguilera singing the American National Anthem with Lea Michele of GLEE singing America the Beautiful.

I know, I know.  The singing of Christina Aguilera was flawed but OMG her vocals are just awesome!  I have been a fan of her since Genie in a Bottle.  She has a great voice and she delivered the song well, except for the scrambled lyrics.  Singing in that big stadium could bring butterflies in the stomach even to experienced and well established singers.  They often get criticized and most often than not, people would bash them for not singing them the right way.  It’s like our local artists here in the Philippines who get bashed when they sing the Philippine national anthem too slow or too fast.  But, I mean c’mon guys, stop hatin’ I don’t think she meant to skip some lyrics while singing.  I’m pretty sure she tried to give her best. 

And since I don’t know the lyrics of the American National Anthem, I didn’t notice her mistake until Vince told me.  I almost cried even if I am not an American.


Video of Black Eyed Peas, Usher and Slash of Guns and Roses for Super Bowl Half Time

Black Eyed Peas BEP, Usher, Slash of Guns and Roses on Half Time Super Bowl 2011

I heard many complaints and negative comments about their performance but after I watched the video I’m like “what the heck guys, stop HATIN’”

They might have complained about vocal qualities and Darth Vader (fake account) — (DUH?!?) even tweeted about the half time entertainment saying…

“That half time show did more to crush the morale of the rebellion in 30 minutes than I ever did.”


okay, fine. that’s funny but those glowing dancers were fun!

and c’mon at least there were no nip slips unlike Janet Jackson’s performance before!  Or would you rather have seen one from Fergie? you nasties!

People say they sound too different from their recorded album vs live.

One, studio and stadium are both different venues.  Sound quality is definitely better if recorded in a studio.  The stadium was pretty noisy with all the crowd cheering and the loud background music – it would be so hard to hear yourself singing that’s why I think they were all shouting.  But anyway, even if they weren’t that “in-tune” it wasn’t as bad!


What did you think of the two videos? 

and oh, I didn’t like Lea Michele’s performance though, I felt like she held back her vocals or something.  I don’t know. What do you think?

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  1. I just can’t get enough with the Black Eyed Peas! Their songs are cool and who would not love to dance and sing with their music? By the way, to all the Black Eyed Peas fans out there specially the Filipino fans, on October 25,2011 they will be a having a concert at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Get ready to party guys as the hottest hip-hop group from Los Angeles invades Manila. You can also read this blog for more updates about the upcoming concert:

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