Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle at Sofitel

Sofitel Philippine Plaza just recently launched Vietura, an Aesthetic Lifestyle Institute with a comprehensive approach to wellness, combining aesthetic procedures with integrative medicine and lifestyle coaching. Offering 100% non- invasive procedures matched with gradual progressive treatments.

Sofitel is indeed taking wellness to new heights.

Medical tourism is on the rise in Southeast Asia and Sofitel has joined the field and teamed with one of the country’s most renowned wellness experts.  The doors to a health and aesthetic institute just officially opened inside Sofitel’s luxury hotel.



“Vie” means life and “Tura” comes from natura, meaning nature.  This new facility is now open to offer aesthetic lifestyle solutions that leverages on its holistic approach to beauty and wellness.  We have to enhance our natural gifts and this is your perfect stop.  They provide non-invasive treatment suited for the needs of each individual!

Conceived by its chief practitioner Dr. Mary Jane Torres, Vietura provides a comprehensive offering of programs, not just non-invasive treatments, but also nutritional counselling, cosmetic dentistry and life coaching. “Every patient is carefully assessed as a unique individual by their personal consultant, who then devises a holistic regimen best suited for their particular issues and desires.”said Dr. MJ Torres.  Every treatment is tailor-made for each profile. This special attention goes beyond each session to encompass their entire scope of needs. It’s all part of Vietura’s three-step philosophy of ‘Measure, Mentor and Monitor.’

I definitely must look into their nutrition program.


VIP Treatment

They do have a waiting area for patient’s companies, but the patients usually go straight to a private room for consultation and have the option to exit straight to the parking lot area.  The interior and the rooms present a lush environment designed to keep patients relaxed and comfortable.  I bet you’d feel like a prince or princess every time you try their treatments.  I will try their sculpting program soon, hope you’d join me! It’s summertime soon!

When a guest enters, they are escorted directly to a treatment room, where soothing, ambient music is but one element of the consultation experience. Another is the design itself, which was imagined by Gruppo Espazio, a prolific, Manila-based interior design firm that also conceived the stylish Le Spa at Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

Living, vertical gardens spread out over the walls of the center, breathing life-giving fresh oxygen into every room.  The ambiance is like being in a hidden rainforest, a world away from the stresses and toxins of the city. Warm, cozy lighting and soothing ambient music complete the sensory experience. Even just setting foot into the center already helps improve one’s mood and well-being.


Programs and Treatments

Services range from weight management tools, to anti-aging procedures, colonics, cosmetic dentistry, facial contouring and body sculpting. Vietura also features effective treatments for conditions affecting one’s complexion or digestion. Under Dr. Torres’ meticulous supervision, the internationally-trained team consists of 12 registered nurses, a dietician, dentist and lifestyle coach. The center can boast of state of the art aesthetic technology and equipment, such as for stem cell and chelation therapy, available from around the world. The luxury resort location also allows Vietura clients to easily enjoy the hotel’s other premier facilities such as Le Spa and So Fit, or check into a room or suite.

Dental Room

Vitalite – Colon Cleansing

Private Consulting Room

Anti-wrinkle laser

Vietura Natural Facelift and Contour

Body Sculpting and Weight Management

For price inquiries, appointments and more information about Vietura, please call +632 551 5555 local 5000 or email at [email protected] or visit


Email: [email protected]


Twitter: @Vietura

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