What I did for Valentines Day

I usually don’t like walking around the city during Valentines Day because it’s always traffic and everyone’s rushing to buy and deliver gifts.  I was sick then (and I still am) so I decided to just stay home.  It’s a good thing I didn’t have any shoots, nor events scheduled for me.  But, for my boyfie, he had work all day.

Anyway, I was dying to buy myself a new power PC that I can use heavily for photo editing and video editing and alas, I have decided to buy a Macbook Pro.  I chose Valentines day to buy this because I love myself and I am my own Valentina 🙂  Seriously, I think this is an investment for me as a blogger, a budding photographer (naks) and a videographer (at least online).   I am planning to make more videos just to express my artistic self.

I was happy with my ASUS EeePC seashell that I have been using for a year.  What I loved about it is the long battery life.  I usually use it for 7 hours when I do heavy on photo editing (Picasa) and net browsing.  But sometimes, it can last me up to 10 hours, if I dim the brightness settings which I only do if it’s dark.  Also, I love how I can just bring it anywhere without hurting my back.  And it fits in almost any bag of mine because it’s small.  Plus, I didn’t have to bring a plug because it can last me a whole day without plugging it! <3

But then, photo editing and video editing definitely requires tons of RAM and you know, all that more techie specs.  So, I was very excited to move on to Mac.  But before that…

Lunch at Papa John’s <3

I was happy that my boyfriend can still accompany me in buying my new MacBook Pro despite his busy schedule.  We had a yummy lunch at our pizza place – Papa John’s at Greenhills.  The staff were so sweet, they gave me a balloon for keeps 😛

Papa John's Greenhills Manila PhilippinesPapa John's Greenhills Manila Philippines

What I love about Papa John’s is the tasty crust, and the crunchy edges that aren’t black from being overcooked 🙂 It was perfect!  I love the garlic and butter sauce that’s unique to them.  I think that’s their trademark ^_^

Another tip from my boyfie who’s from San Diego (where there are lots of Papa John’s) is to ask for some ranch dressing.  Dip your Papa John’s pizza into some ranch dressing and *magic* <3

Buying a new MacBook Pro in Greenhills

I didn’t want to roam around with much cash and walk around Greenhills by myself holding a brand new, boxed MacBook Pro.  I was so scared of being alone there because my Blackberry was snatched in Greenhills too.

I found a MacBook Pro sold the cheapest in Greenhill’s Digital hub in VMall a few weeks back.  I saw it was around 54k if you pay in cash (as compared to P61,999 if card).  I was like, hmm… “I just cashed out my Nuffnang earnings of about a 54k amount” – SAKTO!

Hence, on Valentines day, i decided to buy it!  Unfortunately, MacBook Pro 13″ was OUT-OF-STOCK! NOOOO!!!!!  I went to their sister store Digital Walker in Theater mall above the small foodcourt there and still, nothing >.< I also went to iStudio in Vmall but no luck 🙁  There’s not much MacBook Pros left oh no!  I heard that there’s gonna be a new MacBook pro to be launched around April and this would include higher storage space but no disc drive.  Anyway, that’s just chi-chi for now.  But maybe, that’s the reason why MacBook pros are getting out of stock in the Philippines.

I was about to give up when I passed by the cellphone section.  I just randomly asked one store there with some MacBooks displayed on their window if they still have a MacBook Pro 13″ and to my surprise, they had one!!! YAYE!  and they had the cheapest cash price of P52,000 for a brand new MacBook Pro ^_^ I didn’t ask how much they would self if sold in credit because I didn’t think about it at that time because we were running late for a meeting and I was so desperate to buy one already since I know that stocks are already out 🙁



Awesome! I’m a MacBook girl now and I love it 🙂

Thank you to Nuffnang PH for the timely cash-outs!  I bought this MacBook Pro solely from my Nuffnang earnings ^_^

Don’t have a Nuffnang account yet? sign up now 🙂


Anyway, the unboxing of my new MacBook pro will be uploaded soon and I will talk about how my transition from PC to MacBook pro went.  Anyway, some of you might have known what I think of the new MBP from time to time on my twitter and facebook so do follow meh ^_^

Valentine’s Day

yes, I spent the rest of Valentines day tinkering on my new MacBook pro and migrating files and organizing them.  It’s about time I spring clean my digital documents 🙂

How about you? How did you spend your Valentine’s day?

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  1. Wow! Congrats na may bago kang Mac. So dalawa na laptop mo now? Galing.
    mas ok pala ang mac kasi mag lalast ng 7-10 hours ang battery power. Interesting. Good Luck Hannah! 😉

  2. yeah, for me battery life is important because I don’t want to carry around plugs and stuff. I have scoliosis and can only carry a few items on my bag.

  3. Finally! I know you’ve been wanting to have fun. I’m glad you got this as a Valentines gift to yourself 😀

    Ang laki ng Nuffnang earnings mo! Sana ako rin hehehe 😛 See you soon sis two more weeks 🙂

  4. Nice book Hannah! Goodluck on the spring cleaning! 😀
    BTW! Bought plane tickets na for SingaporeGrandPrix this year, are you going as well? 😀

  5. Not yet sure but I hope I have budget 🙂 yeah but it as early as now like I did, I will also post details soon when they sell the F1 Singapore GP tickets na so that you can pick nice seats for good prices

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