Why You Should Rethink Wearing Skirts

How many of you have seen me wearing Jeans? Yeah, not a lot huh… in fact I can’t remember the last time I wore jeans.  I think I haven’t worn one in the year 2009.

What is usually my outfit when I go to events? — That’s right… I either wear a skirt and a top  or dresses or shorts… and no I don’t wear bikinis except on pool side events and surfing.  Except for the Singapore Grand Prix I swore I would have wanted to wear bikini while walking around because it was steaming hot!

Why do you think I don’t wear them?

— Because my one whole closet full of jeans by the size 23 and 24 (even 25) don’t fit me anymore **sob sob**

— Jeans don’t fit me perfectly.  I think It’s my big ass and my tiny waist, I used to have a hard time getting the right fit for me.

— I usually wear corporate clothes when I worked on my previous job anymore


Why do I want to ditch my skirts and wear jeans again?

— Because I recently resigned from my job to pursue internet entrepreneurship and marketing (working for myself)… that means, NO MORE CORPORATE CLOTHES!  and what I have noticed lately is that I don’t have anything much casual to wear day-by-day.

— Because I am losing weight and I am planning to lose more weight and go back to the gym and enroll for dance classes again.  If I lose more weight and get fit some more, I’d be stunning in jeans

— Because a guy said I would look *hot* in jeans coz I got a nice booty! 😉


But that’s just me, but really, why wear jeans again?

— Jeans are for everyone! I was just too lazy to buy a bigger size for me and I was just too insecure to admit I gained weight.  If I bought jeans enough to fit me I would still look hot ;).  It doesn’t matter what your body figure is, jeans are so flexible to wear

— Jeans never get out of fashion.  For years they have been in fashion and show no signs of disappearing. They have been reinvented in numerous ways but they are always there, worn by ordinary people, kids, adults and celebrities and Hollywood stars love them!

— There is a perfect jeans for everyone.  (I found mine and I will tell more about it later)


The Spring Summer 2010 Levi’s Modern Vintage Collection

I got invited to a very enlightening event last Monday to witness first hand the launch of Levi’s Modern Vintage Collection for 2010!  The event’s timing was right as I was thinking of wearing jeans again as one of my new year’s resolution.

Levi’s brand launched a new Philippine wide campaign that shows off its indisputable rich archives and asserts its leadership in jeanswear.  Juxtaposing the past with the present, the collection “Modern Vintage”, adeptly connects the brand’s authentic history to the inspiration for its new denim collection.  It also makes a statement about the brand’s relentless drive for innovativeness as the reason for its continued relevance among its consumers.

The only brand that can truly claim to have an illustrious archive, the Levi’s Modern Vintage collection is inspired by exactly that.  This collection shows the ingenious features of Levi’s jeans from yesteryears and have not only been reinterpreted, but incorporated into today’s modern designs.  Vintage on contemporary – this says all there is to say about Levi’s latest offerings.  With luxurious detailing, the Modern Vintage collection features premium rustic fabrics and vintage finishing techniques presented as modern jeans.  The new collection exudes individualism and sexiness, the very personality of Levi’s.

Here’s the video of Levi’s models doing walking the ramp to showcase the new Levi’s Modern Vintage collection:

Levi's Vintage Levi's Vintage Levi's Vintage

Wearing Jeans Again

Alas! I tried a new pair of Jeans straight from Levi’s closet!!!  I was torn between sizes because my goal was to lose weight but then as of now, I am not my ideal weight yet.  In the end, I got the pair of jeans that just fit me as of the moment.  I figured I’d just wear belt if indeed I would lose my extra pounds.

Levi's Vintage Levi's Vintage Levi's Vintage

Love the Fit!  I actually got the slim cut and the size xx (secret)

Fine, I’ll say, I got the size 26. 25 was okay but it was too tight for my butt… and I had no chance of fitting in a 24 T__T


[flickr album=72157623118555953 num=30 size=Square]


*The Levi’s Modern Vintage Collection is available in all Original Levi’s Stores and Levi’s Premium Stores nationwide.


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  2. vintage jeans have a certain charm, i guess it goes with just about anything vintage. you look great in that pair that you got.

    interesting blog you have here, i did link you up hope you dont mind and hope you can link me up too. thanks. 🙂

  3. Hi Hannah aka Flaircandy! The jeans suits you, it was nice to meet you personally, you’re so cute and pretty! See you in other blog events 🙂 BTW I will add your blog to my blogroll, hope you add mine as well! 🙂 Mwah

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