Time is definitely not on my side right now. Just like how I study some stuff to hack (whoopsies… now you know), I’m also learning how to hack my Time!

Click more if you want to see me doing something CRAZY!

Just right now, do you want to know what I’m really doing at this exact moment? Yes! Time-hacking! While waiting for my Lotus notes to find the email I’m looking for in my archive, I take advantage of this time to make a blog entry!

Time management has been critical for me now. I just want to do so many things but time and my own energy is running out too. Most of you know that I hate sleeping! Yessssss!!! (with 5 Ss!) I mean we just sleep because it’s necessary right… But, sleeping takes 6-8 hours of my precious time… This is the reason why sometimes I want to try sleeping in the Comfort Room.

disclaimer: boss S, if you are reading this this is only “acting”… for blogging purposes only

toilet sleeper

Now that my Lotus notes is ok, then I must go back to work… That’s the skill of hacking time ladies and gentlemen. 🙂

Until next time!


Time Hacker

Hacking Time

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  1. What in the world are you doing? So this is what you do when you say “You have to go to the bathroom.”

    Hmmm… I think you need more work. =P

  2. mynk: 😛 hehehe thanks… this is inspired by friends who sleep in the comfort room to take a nap.

    anonymous: 😛 I am watching you 😉 … If you wanna know, identify yourself first :$

    Stephen boss: *please read disclaimer* :$ more work! 😀 bring it on 😉 I won’t let you down :$

    Daniel: 😀 😀 😀 I dare you…

  3. I used to do this wayback in our office… when I feel so darn tired I go to the bathroom and take a 10mins nap…. ehehe

  4. Hehe.. This is too funny! I tried sleeping in the CR too when I’m sleepy and want to hide, but I found it a tad bit too uncomfortable hehe

  5. Kristel: weee… thanks so much dear 😛 you’re the only one in our office who can understand my eccentricity and half-autism 😀

    Niel: I’m glad to know I’m not the only one hacking time… 🙂 sometimes it just feels great to revamp yourself for 10 mins.

    Dexter: Thanks, it really is meant to be funny… i’m no ordinary girl I’m glad I pulled it through.. rofl 😀

    aL: i think my pose would be much more perfect if Beckham is in it :$ :$ :$ hihihi *hidezzz*

    philos: in our my table, there’s a big brother camera at my back… rofl, so cr is the gnraliest place 😛

    Laarni: btw I checked out your blogpage.. so cute wall-e and eva stufftoys 😛 can we exchange links 🙂 I need more girl power in my blogroll :$

    Jehz: don’t we have much in common now 😉

    geri a.k.a. raredog: 😛 😛 😛 well, I didn’t intend it to be that way… It was supposedly funny ROFL 😀 but then again, with all positivity thanks buddy i’m flatterd 😉

  6. Mr. Gonzales, thank you once again for visiting my blog. See, I know you are very professional and corporate and all but I know you sometimes think of doing this too… 😛 Cheers!

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